Galician turnip tops

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  • Grelos : Posada in glass jar

    Grelos natural Galicia, carefully selected, after the first frost, to retain their full flavor. Cooked and ready to eat. Packed in glass bottle. Ideal for wines, Scrambled, creams and purees. Perfect pie filling and croquettes. It can be served as an accompaniment to all kinds of pasta, meat and fish. Net Weight: 360 g.
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  • Grelos de Galicia Inn 200grs.

    Grelos de Galicia Inn Packaging in box 12 units: In metal can, with a net weight of 520 grams and drained 200 grams. With the stamp indicating Grelos Galicia. Turnip Lodge are collected, selected, washed and packed by hand. Handmade with turnip greens, water and salt. No additives or preservatives. Crops Ribeiro prepares the turnip greens “Inn” with the quality certified by the Protected Geographical Indication “ Galician turnip tops". A gourmet product that satisfies the most demanding palates.  
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