Vermouth and schnapps

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  • Red Vermouth St. Petroni

    Within the world of vermouth, probably, this that you have before you is one of the most complex while striking. The red vermouth St. Petroni has amplitude, elegance and a great tour of pleasant nuances on the palate. And is that, in its development, The Albariño is the protagonist. A variety grown in the Palace ARRETS, characterized by a tasty and delicate flavor that the microclimate of the valley of Padrón gives and gets this outstanding appetizer result. Its producer, Vermouth Galicia, studied and pampered follows a process for the manufacture of this vermouth. First, It is vinified on its lees for differentiating shades in aroma and flavor. After controlled macerating 29 plants, vermouth rests and filtered for bottling with the seal of St Petroni. Clearly, a great companion of proprietary snacks that will not leave indifferent any palate.  
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