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  • Platú London Dry Gin

    In case regulated with cup gift!!! Produced by the company Pontevedra Platú Premium Spirits, but their distillation takes place in a small village north of the city of London. Use the botanical: juniper berries, coriander seeds, oris root, licorice and angelica, cinnamon, nutmeg and orange rind, cassia and lemon.

    We start with a process of double distillation of pure grain English. Macerated 10 botanical high-quality hand-selected.

    Subsequently, the third distillation. It is in this phase dondese get the main distinctive features of the LONDON DRY GIN: Elegance, Softness, Freshness and Balance in the Degree of Alcohol Optimum.

    Finally, after a process of filtering multiple we get the transparency and brilliance that makes Platu London Dry Gin, a Gin Only.

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  • Geneva Ginabelle

    Presentation: The Ginabelle Gin is a unique handcrafted product made from distilled fruit mirabelle and Albariño, along with five botanical fine to create a spirited exceptional balance between the classic flavors of gin and subtle fruit character.  
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  • Nordés gin

    Gin Gin Northeast, it is a geneva premium galician that escapes from the traditional.

    Origin: Galicia - Spain.

    Development process NORDÉS is a Geneva-based part of a distillate slowly and quietly. For obtaining of the brandy-wine, that is the soul of the product, it uses a portion of local grape galician variety albariño. The distillate is mariza with maceration of 12 botanical proximity and overseas. In addition to juniper, account with several wild gallegos as the hierbaluisa, bay leaves or eucalyptus. It also incorporates the salicornia, - a marine plant – cardamom, peppermint, ginger, hibiscus, black tea from Ceylon, sage and quina. Graduation: 40 degrees.
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