Herbal Liqueur

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  • Licor de Cafe: Ruada 70cl

    Coffee Liqueur Ruada 70cl. Designation: O.D.. Traditional Spirits and Liqueurs Galicia Produced by: Ruada
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  • Herbal liqueur Martin Codax

    Herbal liqueur Martin Codax. Liquor of the grape albariño-Galicia Liquor of the grape albariño made with 29 herbs fermented and distilled slow. Marc Gallego-Martin Codax FASE VISUAL: It has an intense yellow color with golden flashes. Olfactory phase: Great floral harmony, nice and round flavor. Perfectly combine the herbs of the field memories, chamomile or mint, with the scent of peach or flowers that provide marc. Palate: The palate is intense, silky, with pleasant sweetness and comprehensive final.
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