Orujos / Spirits

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  • Pazo Señoráns Orujo (0,50 L)

    DEVELOPMENT: Este aguardiente es preparado con la piel de la uva albariño luego de ser prensada. El proceso de destilado es tradicional y directamente sobre el fuego, tiene doble destilado que garantiza mayor sabor. Se conserva en tanques de acero inoxidable de 2000 liters.
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  • Pazo Señoráns herb brandy (0,50 L)

    DEVELOPMENT: Traditionally produced in pot stills over direct heat with double distillation. Once distillate is kept in stainless steel 2.000 liters. type infusion mashing with dried herbs and seeds.
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  • Aguardiente blanco Martín Códax Case

    Martin Codax white spirits produced by distillation of steam stripping. Ideal for desserts. Marc Gallego-Martin Codax Cata: FASE VISUAL: Bright and crystal, perfectly transparent with shades of silver meneses. Olfactory phase: Great aromatic intensity, which highlights its fineness. Harmonious, with persistent feelings of apple, herbs and exotic fruits. Palate: It is sweet in the mouth, burning and structured and offers retronasal with memories of albariño.
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