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  • Red wine – Luis Alegre Crianza Magnum

    Luis Alegre Crianza nace a partir de uvas de viñedos propios de una media de edad de 30 years old. These are found on farms of soil clay and limestone to about 500 meters of altitude. Following a process of manual harvest, the beans macerated and fermented for about 15 days. Once the malolactic fermentation, Luis Alegre Crianza se trasvasa a barricas de roble americano y francés. In the same is made the foster, that continues for about 14 months. The barrels are new and second -, third and fourth year. The 80% of these are of american oak and 20% remaining French oak. Luis Alegre Crianza reposa finalmente un año en botella antes de salir a la venta.
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  • Red wine Luis Alegre – Finca La Reñana Special Selection Magnum

    Grapes from the vineyard Finca La Reñana. Their limestone soils provide elegance, high minerality and depth with a high potential to save. Vintage manual boxes 15 kg. Selection table. Raised during 16 months in new oak barrels from the best forests of France with a touch of american oak, that provides structure and aromatic complexity. Rests in bottle a minimum of 18 months. Acknowledgements
    Guia Vinos Gourmets 2019: 95 points
    Peñín 91
    Tim Atkin 90
    Wine Advocate/Parker 90
    Jancis Robinson 16.5
    Gourmets guide 95
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  • Red wine Tandem – Spot Great

    Macula In Latin, stain or sin, tâche in French, which we interpret as memories, or sensations indelible. Macula is the small central part of the retina that lets us see with clarity. Macula is a wine powerful, concentrate, male and long. Winemaking The grapes enter the winery by gravity. Cold maceration pre-fermentation at a controlled temperature of 30 – 32 ºC. Fermentamos without pumps, we do pigeage or immersion of the hat (pigeage) with the objective of obtaining fine tannins and elegant. The wines are trasiegan by gravity to depóstios of concrete underground that will complete the fermentation malolácica. Wines finished, it is stored in concrete during a mínimop of 24 months cleanses and completing a clarification and stabilization of natural. Bottled by gravity with minimal filtration. Aging Minimum 24 months in concrete and 26 months in French oak barrels 300 liters Awards 2004 - Gold medal-Sommellier Wine Awards, 91 points Mike Potashnik, 91 points Richard Jennings, 91 points Guide Proensa, 18/20 John Radford Wine Wire, Guide Phaneuf 4 stars 2005 - Medalla de Oro Prague Wine Trophy 2013, Champion 2014 2006 - 91 puntos ROBERT PARKER Wine Advocate, Gold Medal Mundus Vini 2015, 91 points STEPHEN TANZER 2010 - 91 puntos Vinous Antonio Galloni
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  • Red wine Tandem – Ars Nova Magnum

    Ars Nova New art in Latin, very consistent with the philosophy of this wine. Ars Nova is a musical movement of the FOURTEENTH Century which marked the arrival of the volume to the music. Until that time, the music was flat, monochrome. This new way of making music was more complex, marcada por la armonía y el ritmo. Fue el nacimiento de la polifonía. The music is composed from this time was called the ars nova, and the previous music is called the ars antiqua. It has been compared with the arrival of the perspective to the painting which occurred in the same time. Ars Nova is an elegant wine, female, multi-layer, a wine for reflection and enjoyment. Winemaking Temperature of fermentation 30 ºC extraction slow with pigeage, we do not use pumps in fermentation. Racking by gravity to concrete. Malolactic fermentation and natural clarification by decanting into concrete tanks. Not stabilized in cold or clarifies. Aging Minimum 24 months in concrete tanks 9 months in French oak barrels 300 liters. Press 2003 - Elegido en cata ciega para la clase business de KLM 2005 - 17/20 John Radford Wine Wire, 92 pts Ray Jordan West Weekend Magazine, Perth, GOLD Sommelier Wine Awards 2008 - 90 points STEPHEN TANZER International Wine Cellar 2010 - GOLD Medal MUNDUS VINI 2015, 91 points STEPHEN TANZER 2012 - 91 puntos Vinous Antonio Galloni
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  • Red wine Josep Grau – L’ Effect Flying Vineyards Unique Magnum

    THE VINEYARD AND VITICULTURE: Grapes that come from the farms surrounding the winery in Marca and farms in the municipality of Serra d Almos. The age of the vines is between the 15 and the 35 years old. Organic farming. The work is carried out 100% manually. VINIFICATION: Vintage in boxes 10 kg and immediate transportation to the winery, where you enter, keeping a part from the stems, in deposits of cement 17.700 liters. Indigenous yeasts and without added. Fermentation at low temperature to protect the fruit. Aging in the same deposits of cement for a period of 6 months.
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  • Champagne Perrier Jouët Grand Brut Magnum

    GRAND BRUT The heir apparent to the style of Perrier-Jouët. "The cuvée Perrier Jouët Grand Brut is the perfect introduction to the style of the Maison." Hervé Deschamps , chef de caves. Assembly of fifty Crus different, Perrier-Jouët Grand Brut it is a true reflection of the quality and diversity of the wine tradition of the Maison. This assemblage is the balance between consistency of style Perrier-Jouët and the effects of the climatology of the year. With the addition of between a 12 and 20% of reserve wines, the cuvée Perrier-Jouët Grand Brut is dominated by elegance and finesse of Chardonnay (20%) from the best vineyards of the Côte des Blancs. The delicacy of its structure comes from the Pinot Noir (40%) harvested mainly in the Montagne de Reims and Vallée de la Marne, although also in the best Crus of the region Aube, as Les Riceys. The Pinot Meunier (40%) the Vallée de la Marne brings harmony, a fruity character and roundness to the wine. Pairing Perrier-Jouët Grand Brut marida a la perfección con platos como el carpaccio de pescado o la carne blanca. Its cheerful liveliness is complemented perfectly with the crisp vegetables and the tofu. Medals Gold medal in the category of Champagne Brut – GILBERT ET GAILLARD, 2016    
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  • Marqués de Vitoria Crianza 2015 (Magnum)

    The grape is harvested, selected, destemmed and fermented at controlled temperature in order to subsequently raise during 12 months in american oak barrels. Fine-tuned end in the bottle in the interior of the cellars.
    It is easy to pair with any type of meat. Grilled mushrooms. Some fish a lot of flavor or fatty, like tuna or cod. Cheese emmental or gruyere. Good with rice with mushrooms.
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  • The Viña Tondonia Estate Reserve 2005 (Magnum)

    Characteristics of the harvest: Año calificado como EXCELLENT. Of the 170 has. in the property of our warehouse, distributed in our 4 farms, in this year 2005 we had 154 has in production. The harvest of 2005 was significantly lower than that of 2004, mainly because the sample of inflorescences in the bud break was a bit lower. The vegetative cycle occurred properly, in good weather conditions with absence of frost, and accidents meteorological remarkable, and only it should be noted that the advancement, about ten days, with the onset of the sprouting continued until the harvest which began the day 24 September in “Viña Gravonia” with the white varieties, the day 27 the same month, in “Viña tondonia estate” for the varieties and ended the day 22 October in “Viña Cubillas”. A strong storm surprised us on the day 12 October and produced this delay with respect to what might determine a start so early. In addition to this delay, so intense rainfall –more than 40 l/m2 in less than an hour– caused damage more important on the ground (drag land, fall of ribazos, flooding of farms and cellars...) in the bunches that were left for harvest, approximately a 20% of the final production, which we could qualify as a very good quality. The grapes came in healthy, with an average grade balanced and good concentration of colouring matter, essential characteristics to create wines with vocation for ageing. Aging in barrel: 6 years old, subject to 2 rackings per year. Clarified with whites of fresh eggs. Production: 250.000 bottles. Pairing: With notes of spices and vanilla from the barrel aging, sin darte cuenta se acaba toda la botella, very easy to drink, accompanies both warm salads with quail or bird, puff pastry, foie gras with a reduction of raspberry jam, as to roast lamb, or suckling pig. In general, with almost everything, it is a wine that is very versatile.
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  • White Wine Valdeorras Godello: Godeval Magnum

    Format Magnum 1.5 L The vineyards property of Bodegas Godeval, located in the slate slopes of Sil Valley, in Xagoaza, single out the original expression of Godello wines. Its fruits get perfect assembly on the expression of a wine full of universality and thus recognized as one of the best whites in the world. Cata: Yellow colour with greenish nacreous reflections , with an atractive fresh look. It has an excellent flavour and pronounced aroma. It is intense, delicate, elegant with hints of a tree fruit. The palate is light, soft and tasty. Its sour and sweet touches give balance and make it a very personal wine, with a marked structure.  
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  • Wine Care Tinto Roble Magnum 2017

    Wine Care Tinto Roble Magnum 2017 The different varieties were vinificaron separately given their different cycle of maturity. These grapes once being removed from their stems and without compressing, were the tanks fermenters conical stainless steel. After a cold maceration (9ºC) during 8 days, it underwent alcoholic fermentation with selected yeast, leaving to get the temperature to 24ºC. After the devatting or drawing off, the wine made the malolactic fermentation and after mixing the two varieties (50%) underwent a rest in new barrel of American Oak during 4 months.
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  • Wine Care Magnum Foster 2015

    Wine Care Magnum Foster 2015 Red wine belonging to the do Cariñena made from grapes Merlot (30%) y Tempranillo (70%). Performs a pre-fermentation maceration 6 days at a temperature of 10 ° c. The temperature of the fermentation is allowed to reach up to 26C. After the alcoholic fermentation, the wine remains in maceration with the skins during 15 days. The malolactic fermentation takes place in tank. Parenting is 12 months in american oak barrels.
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  • Wine Care Bancales Magnum

    Wine Care Bancales Magnum Performs a pre-fermentation maceration 7 days at a temperature of 10 ° c. The fermentation takes place in tanks conical to a temperature of 29ºC. After the alcoholic fermentation, the wine remains in maceration with the skins during 21 days. The malolactic fermentation is done in tank. The wine remains in american oak barrels, 60% (Forests of Kentucky) and French, 30% (Forests of Allier), during 14 months. During this period we made three fillings. Finally, remains in bottle for 17 months before marketing.
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  • Wine Trus Booking 2014 Magnum

    Wine Trus crianza Magnum Estate wine made with the variety TINTO FINO of the plot "The Cross", total surface area 7,4 You. Fermented in tinos French oak and aged in new barrels during 20 months. Selection of grapes in the higher areas of a single farm of calcareous soil to 800 meters of altitude. Manual harvest in crates and destemmed grape whole tank of wood without pumping. Alcoholic fermentation and malolactic in tinos French oak. Macerations intense and prolonged 21 days. Parenting 20 months in French oak barrels. Subsequent maturation in tino of wood for a perfect assembly. Natural stabilization, without filtered. Bottled in September 2014. Production 14.500 bottles.
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  • Wine Trus crianza 2014 Magnum

    Wine Trus crianza Magnum Estate wine made with the variety TINTO FINO of the plots Fuentecubo, The Painted, La Pedrera, Valdezate and Valverde, total surface area 32,5 You. Fermented in tinos French oak and aged in barrels for 12 months. Estate wine made with tinto fino of the plots Fuentecubo, The Painted, La Pedrera, Valdezate and Valverde, looking for a selection of soils arcillos-calcareos. Alcoholic fermentation and malolactic in tinos of wood and the subsequent aging in barrels bordeaux French oak during 14 months. Natural stabilization, without filtered aggressive. Bottling in may 2016.
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  • The Wine Puerta Vieja Crianza Magnum

    The Wine Puerta Vieja Crianza Selection

    Great wine produced with the grape varieties: 100% Tempranillo. From Cenicero and San Vicente de la Sonsierra. Elaboration Elaboration: Classical vinification with the grapes are employing new fermentation control technologies and long maceration periods. Foster Foster: Parenting 18 months in new barrels of american oak with a natural stabilization in the same. Maturation in bottle for about six months, prior to marketing.
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  • The Wine Monte Real Crianza 2016 Magnum

    Wine Monte Real Familia Crianza Magnum 100% Tempranillo. From Ashtray. Elaboration Classical vinification with the grapes are employing new fermentation control technologies and long maceration periods. Foster Parenting 18 months in american oak barrels with the appropriate rackings and natural stabilization. Aged in the bottle for a minimum of 6 months before marketing.  
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  • Albariño: The Val 2016 (Magnum)

    Albariño: The Val 2016 en formato Magnum 1.5L Made from the Albariño variety from our vineyards. Complex blend "of grapes from our estates; Taboexa, Arantei and Pexegueiro. Intense yellow color with bright green flashes, very clean and flashy. Atlantic intense aromas of fresh herbs and laurels. Subtle floral and citrus notes and pleasant memories of white fruit and compote. The palate is all freshness and palatability, filling the palate with notes of citrus fruits and reaching a long finish.
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  • Albariño: Mar de Frades Albariño Magnum

    Mar de Frades Albariño Magnum, 1,5L DEVELOPMENT: The grapes harvested in season , crossing selection belts where clusters that are not "perfect" separate. Thus we get even more difficult years, qualities are very high. At harvest 2013, between 8 and 10% bunch coming from the field were removed in this process. The selected grape, macerated for periods of 10 and 20 hours depending on the starting, obtaining some aromatic musts, clean and great potential. Fermentations, slow and controlled, bound acidity, slightly higher than in the previous harvest, has moved to wines giving a special vividness, reminding one of the best vintages of the last decade Albariño. CATA: Color lemon, with golden flecks and bright green lime reflection skin. The nose shows notes of pome fruits like green apple and pear especially blanquilla; all about a subtle and persistent floral background. In the mouth the tour is spirited, leaving a fresh feeling, with continuity that made the nasal phase (flowers and green fruit about to mature ....). The final step is saline, with mineral notes and a reminder of ginger mixed with feelings of lychees and other exotic fruits.  
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  • White Wine Albariño: Eidosela Btll. Magnum 1.5L

    White Wine Albariño: Eidosela Format: Magnum 1.5 L The winery was born as a crystallization of a common dream among a group of friends. A dream that shares the illusion of an area, County Tea, which extends along the right bank of the river Minho. Her dream has become two brands of wine, Eidosela and Arbastrum, reflection of the passion of its creators for wine and art. Cata: It has a straw yellow with greenish hues, It is clean and bright. The nose has a high intensity, It is very fragrant, fruity and floral, fresh and subtle, remembering stone fruit (peach and apricot). The palate is a very powerful wine clean, silky and satiny with a well-integrated acidity. It has good structure and smoothness.
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