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  • Lot Christmas Gift : # 1

    Exquisite ham and sausage, selection of wines from the most important wineries in all O.D., delicious homemade sweets, delicatessen, gourmet canned ... all in boxes, baskets and trunks conveniently presented for Christmas and holiday card / Greeting card gift.   Another suggestion for a gift/Christmas Composed Pack : LOT 9 ARTICLES 9 + Solidarity cardboard box decorated with Christmas motifs DRINKS 1 Bottle 75 cl. Three umbrellas Brut sparkling 1 Bottle 75 cl. red wine tempranillo young Batuta CHARCUTERÍA AND OTHERS 1 Piece 160 g. approx. Iberian chorizo ​​La Barrica 1 Piece 160 g. approx. Iberian sausage La Barrica 1 Can 150 g.n.e. anchovy stuffed olives Excellence NOUGATS AND SWEETS 1 Case 150 g. stocked mini nougat supreme red label Antiu Xixona 1 Case 120 g. Traditional assortment Dulcestepa 1 Case 100 g. Extra marzipan figures Fame 1 Case 100 g. Lacasa truffles
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