The UK is expected to leave the EU by the end of 2019 and become a country outside the European Union. This will have an impact on the shipment of goods between Spain and the UK.

To make this transition as smooth as possible for our customers and to counter any uncertainty, for several months La Casa Bodega and TLL Media Solutions have been preparing for all forms of Brexit with a simple, coordinated European project.

Currently our shipping agency prepares various customs clearance options to suit our customers’ needs. As a rule, exports to the UK can use individual or collective clearance for commercial goods without any problems.

In general, it can be said that there are still outstanding questions regarding customs regulations after Brexit. We will keep you informed with the latest news.


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Is the question that everyone makes in recent times, Who is Luis Alegre? What is your project? What are you doing?

I found the answer this weekend.

Luis Alegre, is history, vineyard, terroir, nearly century-old farms, Oak, personality, character, style, Fidelity and many other adjectives that would take years to appoint.

Luis Alegre is History. Founded in 1968 based its elaborations in young wines and parenting. In 1999 begins a new project under the direction of Alex Simo that for more than 10 year center all their efforts and wisdom in winemaking research, soils and microclimates of its most unique vineyards. In 2010 comes the first vinification of what we now know as the Great Wines of Small Farms. plot Nº5, Finca La Rhenish Selection, Finca Rhenish White Barrel Fermented, Pontac and Pontac of Portiles are these great wines that are at the height of the largest in the Rioja D.O.C.

Luis Alegre vineyard, because after more than 50 years of history, has 52 hectares of own vineyard, located between Laguardia, Labastida, The Villar and Torremontalbo. They all worked with the love and affection that involves working organically, If I said well organically, it sounds strange, yes, There are wineries in La Rioja they work with the most careful of viticulture, although not flaunt it. Absolute respect for the plant that will allow your wine.

Luis Alegre is terroir, because if we walk through these 52 ha, we are a whole variety of soils. If we walk by the Natural Park of the Lagunas de Laguardia, we find Plot No. 5, a vineyard planted in 1946 in calcareous soil with saline incursions because gaps. Formed in glass and with a somewhat softer and warmer microclimate provide us wines with great personality.

Another of these particular farms is Finca La Rhenish, planted in 1942 in the most typical soils and give us the most long-lived wines, chalky interlaced with fine sand. situated 618 meters above sea level, this farm located in the foothills of Sierra Cantabria offers a wine with extraordinary elegance.

If we head towards Logroño, we found the farm Portiles, It planted nearly a century ago, toward 1920. Located on a chalky soils on a ferric language, more reddish color certifies, We provide wines with more character and intensity.

Luis Alegre's work is not only on farms, marked by tradition but also own a style that define. Alex Simo after passing through different coopers in France, He is the founder of one of Spain's most prestigious. He chooses his French oak trees in Missouri forests and to bring them the best coopers the world. This makes it perfectly recognizable signature, of wines marked by aromas of top quality wood, fully balanced, a perfectly ripe and integrated tannins and exquisite elegance.

The sum of all these factors gives us the result of some superb wines, with character and personality. Fidelity to a style that enhance further this project.

Bernat Martinez

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Many thanks to Bodegas Franco-Españolas, and especially to Ruben and Silvia, for the invitation to the event held on the terrace of the Hotel Princesa Sofia !

We were able to enjoy views of all of Barcelona while degustábamos the magnificent Rioja Bordón of the winery, accompanied by some exquisite cheese. We tried even a new cheese brought from Turkey which was delicious. 😋

For events and, above all, for people like this behind the wineries, working day-to-day, it is so in The Home Winery we love our job. Without forgetting our clients who accompany us in this transformation of Galicia Terra.

I hope to accompany us for a long time in our discovery of the best wines!


Last October we were lucky enough to be invited to visit the Bodegas MUGA – Haro, The Rioja and also the Bodegas Franco-Españolas
All the Octobers harvesting takes place, and is without doubt the best time to visit this land, enjoy your people and, course, wine tasting as exquisite as those of these wineries and many other.

I recommend going at this time and, if you are going, which wineries you want to visit??