Toro is an appellation of origin (DO) the provinces of Zamora and Valladolid, Spain.

Watered by the River Douro, the production area includes twelve municipalities in the province of Zamora (Argujillo, Vault Toro, Morales de Toro, The hit, Peleagonzalo, Piñero, San Miguel de la Ribera, Sanzoles, Toro, Valdefinjas, Venialbo and Villabuena del Puente) and three of Valladolid (San Román de Hornija, Villafranca de Duero and payments Villaester de Arriba and Villaester de Abajo, the municipality of Pedrosa del Rey), taking the town of Toro like center of the denomination. He obtained the qualification of Denomination of origin in 1987.

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