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4 Algal fresh trays Algatinado (Gigartina Pistillata )

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Format: Trays of gourmet presentation 150 grams.

Company Porto-Mills, Ready Raisin Cakes Coco curry organic production. An ideal product to surprise the sweet tooth of the house with a different pastel, made with natural ingredients and biosaludables.

Although his original specialization were the native algae of the Galician Atlantic, currently the family business Porto-Mills produces food of all kinds as preserved, ready for baking, infusions, various salts and sugars, rice, multiple pastes and powders. Since its inception in 1998, this Galician company, located in A Coruña, has been concerned with developing environmentally friendly production methods to care raw materials from their catalog to offer maximum customer taste. Therefore, has won national awards as the Biocultura 2012 Best Product Bio Biocultura Fair in Barcelona or Innofórum to ?most innovative flavor? Gastronomic Forum in Santiago 2012 and international, as the Fresh Ideas Awards 2011 by its cover Japanese shiitake to the London-based IFE (International Food&Drink Event) or the Prize to the range of ?Teas with algae? at the Anuga Fair 2007 Cologne (Germany).

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eco Ingredients: Fresh Seaweed Galicia: I algatinado (Gholder thaw pistillata).

Additional Information: The Algatinado is a reddish algae and small marine shaped shrub that has a crunchy texture and a slight almond flavor. It is very rich in minerals, incorporates fiber and virtually no fat and no sugar. Once boiled can be used in the kitchen for dressing salads and marinades and physical properties, work perfectly in the preparation of sauces. Preserved in cold and are valid for 20 days.

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