Canned Ramón Peña: Cockles of the Galician Rías natural 50/60

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Cockles from the Rías of Galicia to the natural Ramón Peña 50/60 pieces

Cockles are Ramón Peña 100% from the Galician estuaries. Select the best product in the market,and begins the process of removing sand through debugging. Then comes the cooking and flaking,finally is placed in the can manually.
(The harvest season runs from January to April and October to December)

Ingredients: cockles, water and salt.
Net Weight: 115 gr.
Drained weight: 67 gr.

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Canned Ramón Peña S.L.. It is the continuation of a family tradition that started canning José Peña Oubiña in years 20. At Present, We are talking about a prestigious firm, known in the finest distribution channels, for the quality of its product and process development.

So, The main purpose for this company becomes maintain the highest level of quality control in manufacturing and, above all, on selecting the best raw materials and ingredients (olive oil, cayenne, etc.) for the manufacture.

Ramón Peña has converted into a product gourmet preserves, real luxury. Their mussels and squid are highly prized by discerning chefs.

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