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Goat cheese Ripened Touza Vella 300 +/-grs

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The Touza Vella, it is a cheese, made with raw milk of goats, of pressed paste. The cheese is marketed as a Cure, with a weight of 300gr or 600gr and with a maturing of a minimum of 4,5 months.

It is a cheese that is so tasty that I recommend taking it only, or in any case accompanied with dried fruits (almonds and hazelnuts) or fresh fruit.

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The preparation of the cheese requires, a seeting to 31 degrees, grain pea, shake until you reach 35 degrees, pressed gradually until reach to 2.5 kg, salting in brine with low density and during 12 hours.

The result of this process of development more a proper maturation gives an artisan cheese, made with raw milk (unpasteurized), fatty and cylindrical in shape with two flat sides. Its crust is soft and thin beige to grey and its interior of white pasta, compact and aromatic.

It gives off a strong smell that characterizes it, being buttery on the palate with little acidity because it is a goat cheese, but if, with an intense aftertaste that makes it a cheese of excellent quality.

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