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Queso Gallego: Blue cheese Prestes 600gr

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The blue cheese of Prestes is a cheese of firm texture and smooth, and spreadable. Pleasantly surprised by its smooth taste, that doesn't drown out the rest of the ingredients when used for cooking.

Excellent in sauces of blue cheese, salads, fillings for tarts, and canapés, sauces for meat, etc. Ideal for spreading on crusty bread. It is also consumed as a dessert, with fruits such as strawberries, pears or peaches. It is recommended to enjoy with a wine from Jerez, Porto or red wine robust and strong.

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Whole pasteurized milk of cow, rennet, lactic ferments, penicillium roquefortii, calcium chloride and salt.

Producer: Quesería Prestes
Producing companies cheeses, in Lugo

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