Beer Estrella Galicia 1906 Black Cutting. Pack de 4 of 33 Cl

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1906 Black Cutting It is the first stout Hijos de Rivera and notable for having a unique personality, fruit of a balanced fusion of contrasts, derived blend of roasted malts and two four noble hops: Nugget y Sweet.

Presentation: 1906 Black Cutting is presented in the form of non-returnable 33cl bottle cap opener easy open pack with handle 4 bottles
Alcohol Content: 7,2%
Ideal serving temperature: 6-8º


A clear and with traces of toffee and subtle floral hops from the aromatic variety Sladek malt and a good base of bitterness Nugget.
Completely black and bulky foam, persistent, light brown tones.
In the mouth, soft notes of chocolate, coffee and licorice, without harshness or astringency, despite the use of roasted malts and dark. Good body and aftertaste malts tend to linger in the mouth then swallow.

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