Estrella Galicia 1906 Red Vintage pack de 6

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'1906 Red Vintage. La Colorada 'is an intense and balanced beer, It characterized by roasted malt aroma and creamy and compact foam with fine bubbles. It has a marked bitter end balancing on high alcoholic content (8,0% alc.) which makes the set pleasant to drink at any time.

AROMA: In this beer dominates the aroma clean, frank and intense roasted malt.
APPEARANCE: Creamy foam, dense and compact, and fine bubble.
TASTE: It has a marked bitter end balancing alcohol content.
Presentation: 1906 Red Vintage is presented in the form of non-returnable 33cl bottle cap opener easy open pack with handle 6 bottles 1.85€ (1.5€) the unit
Alcohol Content: 8%
Ideal serving temperature:


For years the family Rivera elaborated in Galicia "Extra Special" beer, better known as "La Colorada". 1906 retrieves the legendary taste in the new 1906 Red Vintage. Its unique flavor red cap and turned it into legend. Today this legendary recipe back to stay under the name 'Red Vintage 1906. La Colorada '. Forever.

There are little secrets that arouse the admiration of connoisseurs. Legends return to stay. ‘1906 Red Vintage. La Colorada 'is one of those pieces of worship always worth rediscovering. Because there are things we should not lose.

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2 reviews for Estrella Galicia 1906 Red Vintage pack de 6

  1. Carlos

    Muy buena!!

  2. Bernard

    A very nice discovery. One of my favorite beers. I tasted as Tongerlo, a kwak, a st. feuillen….

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