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Beer Estrella Galicia special edition Christmas 2019

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Estrella Galicia Christmas Bottle of 75cl 2018

This is a special edition 2018, brewed entirely with hops gallego, whose fragrance reminds malt and notes of soft toasted, a crust of bread and caramel.

A beer very well balanced, well carbonated and light body that, in the mouth, it is sweet and bitter alike. Just hoppy, but with subtle floral notes, presents a aftertaste pleasant.


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In terms of appearance, it is a beer of amber color, high transparency, with a layer of foam generous, white color and small bubble.

This beer is made from hops own grown in the facilities of the Agricultural Research Centre of Mabegondo (A Coruña) by our company, as part of a project of recovery of the hops in Galicia, which started in the year 2004.

This year 2018, further, presents a novel labeling that, thanks to the use of inks, holographic, creates an effect of luminescence on the light bulbs represented on the label.

The Star of Christmas 2018 it will be available in a bottle format of 75 cl and can be purchased both individually, as in box of six bottles. En total, there have been some 245.000 litres of this beer, that will be on sale in the feed channel until the end of stock.


  • Aroma: Fond, refreshing, where are the spicy.
  • Appearance: Color shiny gold.
  • Flavor: In the mouth it has a neutral and light, with a hue very strong of hop flavor.

Children of Rivera is today, in its fourth generation, as a corporation's global business, not just as a brewing industry, but also with a wide activity in sectors like mineral water, the wine, the eaux-de-vie and cider, as well as a significant involvement in the services sector, spanning from the distribution and logistics, to the integral development of real estate to hospitality, going through the self-management of establishments in the Horeca.

Additional information

Weight 2 kg
Per unit or Box 6





Calories (100ml)

46 kcal, 195 kJ

Carbohydrates (100ml)

3.3 g

Fats (100ml)

0 g

Saturated fatty acids (100ml)

0 g

Proteins (100ml)

0 g

Salt (100ml)

0.01 g

Sugars (100ml)

0 g

Temperature of service




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