Wine Flor de Pingus 2016

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The Flor de Pingus is the second wine of the winery Domain of Pingus.

The add 2016 Flor de Pingus has managed to 94 points in the latest edition of the Peñin Guide, standing thus on the podium of the best Spanish wines. Peter Sisseck, the famed winemaker Danish settled in the Ribera del Duero, get add after add outstanding scores for their wines.


Tasting notes

Color dark ruby, dense. Big nose of blackcurrants, plums, very spicy, hides, and tobacco. Soft on the palate, you must, blueberries, and notes of oak and mocha. Concentrated and with a long finish.

Vega Domain of Pingus

The winery:
In the year 1995 founded by Peter Sisseck in Quintanilla de Onesimo (Ribera del Duero) the winery Domain of Pingus, a small winery that aimed to recover the idea of the handmade and very neat that he learned from his uncle in his early days in Serious. The winery was baptized Domain of Pingus, where the name “pingus” is due to the nickname of youth of Peter. It's a tiny artisanal winery, very poor production where they are cared for until the last detail of each one of the processes of the elaboration of its wines. However, that first “warehouse garage” in Quintanilla de Onesimo has grown to give rise to a winery is modest in size but perfectly equipped and obsessed by the control of the wines through their own laboratory, by what now might be called a “boutique winery”.

The years 1996, 2000, 2001 and 2003 they were the first big harvests of red wine Pingus, until the extraordinary 2004, that received the first 100 points from critic Robert Parker, and from here was created the myth because it was almost impossible to locate a bottle. However, there is one fact that helped bolster the legend of Pingus, and was that the greater part of the bottles 4.000 bottles 95 intended for the north american market, and all the Flower of Pingus, sank in the boat carrying them near the Azores islands, along with other important cargoes of other wine cellars european.

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