Geneva Ginabelle

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The Ginabelle Gin is a unique handcrafted product made from distilled fruit mirabelle and Albariño, along with five botanical fine to create a spirited exceptional balance between the classic flavors of gin and subtle fruit character.



Raw materials and manufacturing :
Each batch is manually obtained from family distillery in Galicia, Palace Valdomiño, nine distillations separated and united later in a final blend with spring water coming from the Sierra de Argallo. Each botanical is distilled individually to achieve the right balance of flavor.

At the heart of gin Ginabelle is the essence of distillate Mirabelle, fruit grown on its own plantations, giving it warmth, hints of pepper and fruity. Also, also make their own Albariño wine, distilling to create the second ingredient Ginabelle, that adds freshness and structure.

Finally, the distilled essence of botanical Ginabelle classics such as juniper gin is added, lemon peel, licorice and cilantro, supplemented with gorse flowers. This botanical local adds notes of cocoa and honeysuckle, the first highlighting the sweet aroma of pepper and plums in the last enhancing the subtle nature of fruit Albariño.

Alcohol Content
40º 70cl

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