Provide Sparkling wine from Godello

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PROVIDE is the first sparkling wine of D. O. Valdeorras and pioneer of sparkling gallegos. Made by the traditional method, or Champanoise, it is a brut, fine foam with delicate bubbles. Made with the variety GODELLO, ferments and rests for a minimum of 9 months, in a natural cave, with a temperature annual average of 11 in total absence of light.

  • Gold medal-Guide of Wines and Distillates from Galicia 2013
  • Gold medal-Guide of Wines and Distillates from Galicia 2012

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Moderate acidity with respect to a cava, with perception of fine bubbles in the mouth, as well as freshness, harmony and own characteristics of the variety Godello.
Complexity and power in the mouth, define this sparkling clear and bright, greenish. Very intense, notes of white fruits, herbal and a background of bakery. Apple and peach mature, own of the variety GODELLO, very present. The palate, the bubble medium and abundant, it melts within a powerful fruit. The result is a sparkling powerful, tasty and long lasting.

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