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Champagne Brut Laurent Perrier -Cuvée

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The wine comes from the grape juice more pure and only Laurent-Perrier can develop ‘La Cuvée, a champagne of great finesse and a beautiful freshness obtained after a long process of ageing in our cellars.

The style and the personality of Laurent-Perrier is defined by its high proportion of Chardonnay. Purity, freshness and elegance – essential features, expressed in this champagne – they are a good introduction to the spirit of the house.

By opting to merge its Brut champagne with a majority of Chardonnay, the grape variety more rare in the Champagne region, Laurent-Perrier expressed his difference and he said the style of freshness, lightness and elegance of the “Home”.

After 15 years of extensive work on the quality of the offer, the constant progress in terms of the development of the wine and the greater mastery of the art of the mix, Laurent-Perrier presents The Cuvée.

Mix and wine making To the mixture, only used the musts of the cuvée, so that only the 80% the grape juice is extracted from the pressed.

Varietal grape:

The majority of Chardonnay, most of the 50%.
Pinot Noir, most of the 30%.
Rounded off with Meunier, between 10 and 20%.
+ Reserve wines up to a 20-30% to ensure a perfect consistency in the style.

Crus: the mix of Laurent-Perrier's Cuvée is made of more than 100 crus * selected by Laurent-Perrier.

The Cuvée benefits from the aging ideal in the cellar. Its balance and freshness are enhanced by a light dosage.

* These quantitative data may vary and are given for illustrative purposes.

Pairing This wine is fresh and pure is perfect for an aperitif. Its notes of white fruits and citrus fruits and its considerable balance underpinned by a subtle effervescence, turn it into a ideal accompaniment to poultry and the best fish.


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  • View: Layer golden pale. Very fine bubbles that feed a bead of foam very durable.
  • Nose: Delicate on the nose with aromas of fresh citrus and white flowers. The complexity of the wine is expressed in later notes of peach vine and white fruits.
  • Mouth: Perfect balance between freshness and finesse, with fruity flavors very present at the end of the tasting.

The Winery

The House of Laurent-Perrier was founded in 1812 by André Michel Pierlot and took the name Vve Laurent-Perrier when Mathilde Emilie Perrier, the widow of Eugène Laurent, combined the two families after that she decided to expand the business.

Eugénie Hortense Laurent, your daughter, he inherited the House in 1925 and he sold it to Marie-Louise Lanson de Nonancourt in 1939.

André-Michel Pierlot, former volunteer and bottler from Chigny-les-Roses, it was established in 1812 en Tours-sur-Marne como négociant en los vinos de Champagne. Fue en este pueblo, en parcelas llamadas Les Plaisances y La Tour Glorieux que fundó lo que más tarde se convertiría en Laurent-Perrier. Su hijo, Alphonse Pierlot, happened and, by not having heirs, he bequeathed the House to his master of the cellar, Eugène Laurent.

After his accidental death in 1887, the widow of Eugène, Mathilde Emilie Perrier, took the helm of the business and combined her own patronymic with that of her husband, naming the business “Veuve Laurent-Perrier”. Con su fuerte carácter y reputación de integridad, developed the business, restauró sus finanzas y mantuvo a la Casa de manera magistral durante toda la Gran Guerra. In 1920, paved the way for the international expansion of the brand to be associated with Sir Alexander Fletcher Keith Mackenzie to invest in the uk market.

Eugénie-Hortense Laurent succeeded his mother in 1925. Given the economic crisis of the Wars and debt, he sold the property to Marie-Louise de Nonancourt in 1939.

Bernard de Nonancourt created the style of Laurent-Perrier. For this, he revived and took over the traditional ways of champagne, pero también lanzó nuevos enfoques tanto a nivel técnico como de mezcla. Él creó una gama de vinos únicos con su propia historia y personalidad. Laurent-Perrier ahora es célebre por su estilo y la consistencia de su calidad, cuvée after cuvée.

In 1881, when the master of the cellar, Eugène Laurent inherited the house of champagne Alphonse Pierlot, provided the foundations essential required to produce great champagnes, namely, las casas y la tierra para crear una finca de pleno derecho. Compró viñas en los mejores terroirs de Bouzy, Tours-sur-Marne and Ambonnay, dug 800 metros de bodegas y estableció un laboratorio de degustación.

Así es como el Domaine Laurent-Perrier (the State) fue anclado en Tours-sur-Marne. Este pintoresco pueblo está situado en el cruce de las tres principales zonas vitícolas del departamento de Marne: the Montagne de Reims , the Vallée de la Marne and the Côte des Blancs . También forma parte del ranking de las 17 aldeas de Champagne en el prestigioso áreaGrand Cr u’.


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