Sparkling Soul Atlantic Albariño Godello

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Soul Atlantic Albariño – Godello by Martin Codax is a grape albariño and godello partially fermented, thus achieving an alcoholic volume 7% It is causing a perfect sweetness to balance the high acidity of albariño, giving it a touch softer the mixture, the softness of the grape Godello.
The fermentation takes place in isobaric deposits which are created naturally fine bubbles further reinforce the feeling of freshness.

A different way to feel the albariño wine with godello: refreshing, tasty, fruity and bubbly


FASE VISUAL : Straw yellow.
Olfactory phase: Very intense, fruity, apple and ripe pear, melon, macedonia and floral notes.
Palate: Refreshing, persistent, tasty and aftertaste very fruity. Sweetness balanced thanks to the acidity of the albariño.

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Martín Codax

10 reviews for Sparkling Soul Atlantic Albariño Godello

  1. Raquel

    Mine would be a question. It looks more like a wine cellar or a needle ?

    • ios

      Hello Rachel

      I would say more like a cava, Soft and sweet .


  2. Montserrat

    I liked a lot . It has a sweetness pleasant, and reduces the acidity of the albariño

    • Ignacio

      Many thanks for your comment Montserrat! You have all the reason and you have a taste in the mouth, very nice. ☺️

  3. Anxo

    This very very rich! I did not know him but I worth a try.

  4. Mother

    Very good to take at any time, for a toast that will not let headache

  5. Gem

    At home we love !!! Riquíssimo .

    • Ignacio

      We are excited to Gem!!
      We hope you enjoy it with yours!

  6. Julio Lopez

    The most balanced sparkling galician that I have tested, and are a few of the…

  7. Susana

    Delicious!! I recommend it with no doubt, like the soul-atlantic mencia!!! Very very rich!!!

  8. Angels beautiful bouquets

    The good thing alvariño and how good the sparkling wine make the perfect combination

    • Henri

      We are pleased that you liked it, many thanks Angels!

  9. Susana Beltrán

    The truth is that it is delicious!!

  10. Pink

    Perfect, soft and very easy drinking, I love.

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