Rosé wine Caesar Prince – Charlatan 2017

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The words flow with agility, there is a great struggle for intervening in the conversation, there is a huge desire of communication... it is the time of "charlatan". A wine dedicated to the lovers of the talk, to the big talkers, as we are... let us know what you know well!

Charlatan it is the latest innovation from the winery, a rosé wine that is far from the classics that are made in the Denomination of Origin Cigales. It is made with the grape Garnacha Tinta but his direct pressing and fermentation at low temperature favors a pink color, very pale, without losing the aromas of fruit and flowers typical of the variety. A pink with a soul of white.

‘Charlatan’ is a wine modern, relaxed and without complexes, eye-catching and festive. A pink to make you cool in any occasion.



  • View: Pink suit with shades onion skin.
  • Nose: It is a fresh wine,live, predominant notes of white flowers and rose petals, and giving way to a centre of fruit of bone with late citrus.
  • Mouth: Dry wine, with persistence and acidity, that refreshes and cleanses the mouth and invites the next sip.

The winery

The story began with the grandfather Eutiquio, who transmitted all his knowledge of wine and its know-how to Caesar's Prince in the historic cellar of the family. He was the son of this, Ignacio, who laid the foundations of the winery as we know it today, in the year 1982.
Bodega César Príncipe was founded in the 90 and from that moment they went from selling the classic claret in bulk to bottle it and increase its quality. Always step-by-step, growing little by little, no hurry, putting all the effort and work of three generations of wine making.
But the real turning point was in the year 2000, with the exit to the market of Caesar au-Prince, a wine that has put the wines of the Appellation of Origin Cigales in the wine scene as a world, in fact, managed 94 Parker points in his first year.

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