Red wine Tr3smano – Tr3smano 2016

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Viticulture Large vineyards located in three of the best winegrowing subregions of the Ribera del Duero. These have a total area of ​​some 30 hectares of vineyard, although all very low production. The winery is surrounded by a first vineyard 50 years old: the vineyard of Lagar. It, along with Radish, It is grown on very poor sandy loam soils.

Winemaking Vintage hand in small boxes and selection of clusters and grapes. Cold maceration durante5 days at 5 ° C. alcoholic fermentation in small tanks and controlled malolactic fermentation in liters new barrel temperature DE225. Foster: 18 months in new barrels (75% French oak and 25% American).

Pairing Iberian Ham, cheeses and lamb. It also pairs well with chocolate desserts black.

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Tasting notes: TR3SMANO – TR3SMANO RED 2014

  • Nose: Aromas of ripe red fruit. Notes of roasted and smoked. cocoa and spices
  • Mouth: Balance between tannins and acidity is at its point and the persistence in the mouth is prolonged.

The winery

After decades dedicated to the wine in different parts of the world, a dream joined all the protagonists of this wine (the family Ruiz, Fernando Remírez of Ganuza and Pedro Aibar): to find in Spain a few vineyards old, ideal for making a great red wine. Build a cellar that is able to combine the new techniques of modern enology with the greatest of respect to the tradition. The development of this wine which can become a work of art. Short-lived after each bottle. Long-lasting in the history of the wines in Spain.

The dream was taking shape thanks to the conversations that, around a good glass of wine, the protagonists of this beautiful project were sharing. A good wine links. Even friends separated by an ocean. Finally, José Ramón Ruiz gave a small hill after Padilla de Duero, in full Ribera del Duero. In the Golden Mile, where are the wineries most emblematic of Spain.

Dominated by a wonderful olive tree of more than 1500 years old, the dream acquired the form in a cellar of avant-garde. Come together in her technical ability, history and art for the effort and the commitment of all to achieve excellence.

Thus was born Tr3smano in the year 2014. Located in the municipality of Penafiel, “out of the way” of the road that connects to Peñafiel with its neighbor to Quintanilla de Onesimo, near the famous archaeological site vacceo of Pintia, a necropolis which developed between the centuries IV to.c. and I to.c. and where there is an old winepress in the, already in the EIGHTEENTH century, is treading traditionally the grapes of this estate.

Also, where the olive tree more 1500 years points to the vineyard from afar, leaving a record that Valladolid was a valley of olive trees, hundreds of years ago.

The roots of our strains, forge the intrahistory of Tr3smano, a wine cellar where you can combine inherited values that have been conferred to our wines to emerge a history and an art that today is still very present.

Located in the Golden Mile, the wines of Tr3smano are characterized by the combination of various factors that have determined its origin, that have forged its authenticity, they have given a lot of dedication and that have evolved into a cutting-edge.

The first trait that gives more personality to our warehouse is your source, and is that it sits close to the city vacceo-roman Pintia, Conveniently located on the route of the road XVIII - Ab Asturica per Cantabriam Caesaraugustam - and near the necropolis of Las Ruedas.

In this area, between centuries VI and IV before Christ, inhabited the pueblo prerromano of the vacceos and according to collect different legacies were the first people who consumed wine in the peninsular interior. In particular, the wine they served to create links and commitments around him, drank at banquets and funeral the belief that their dead would run to the beyond.

Also, dishes and bowls of terra sigilata or jars and ceramic vessels shared shelves, picnic tables and fire pits with the housing pintianas of the imperial era. The wine was a beverage of elite becoming a product widely spread among the population more humble.

Our winepress, where since the XVIII century, pisa, traditionally, grapes from the estate, forms the dedication of Tr3smano, another of the values of our warehouse. With almost 300 years of history, the winery distills many feelings, memories and smells. A combination that secures the respect of the traditional and the new techniques of wine-making.

Further, our warehouse is protected by an olive tree of more than 1.500 years of custody of our strains. Their thick roots, rooted to the earth, and its trunk curled and powerful glimpse exceptional authenticity Tr3smano continues to reap with each vintage.

So in Tr3smano we know we make every memory and combine all these inherent values ​​- vacceos, the olive, Winery - make our history continue enduring today, moving towards a leading wine.

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