Red wine Josep Grau – L’ Efecte Flying Vinyes Singulars

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Grapes that come from the farms surrounding the winery in Marca and farms in the municipality of Serra d Almos. The age of the vines is between the 15 and the 35 years old. Organic farming. The work is carried out 100% manually.


Vintage in boxes 10 kg and immediate transportation to the winery, where you enter, keeping a part from the stems, in deposits of cement 17.700 liters. Indigenous yeasts and without added. Fermentation at low temperature to protect the fruit. Aging in the same deposits of cement for a period of 6 months.



  • View: Ruby Color.
  • Nose: Shows with frankness the red fruits and the flowers (violets) that combined with a feeling of freshness. Appear in your evolution notes of black fruit and wild plants.
  • Mouth: Has a sense of freshness and nice fluid invites not stop drinking.

The winery

The winery: Josep Grau It is a family project located in the town of Marca in the Appellation of Origin Montsant. Currently we produce one hundred thousand bottles of various wines, of which, the 70% distributed for export and the rest in the domestic market. Josep Grau is the winemaker and owner of the cellar and currently manages 26 ha vineyard at various points of the D. O Montsant and with all the diversity of soils. From small productions by strain ranging from 500 grams in the vineyards of more than 70 years old, until the 1,5 kilos/strain in the vineyards of 15 to 40 years old. All work is done by hand, from pruning to vintage. The viticulture is organic, free of herbicides and pesticides.

The varieties grown in the winery: Josep Grau son: Garnatxa Blanca, Grenache Ink, Samsó, Cabernet Sauvignon y Syrah. One of the basic characteristics is that Josep Grau wines, the D. O Montsant, They are not corrected and are as obtained from the vineyard. The main objective is to bring the fruit of the vine with all its natural characteristics to the bottle. From the beginning of his career working with indigenous yeasts and minimum levels of sulfur, to ensure just the proper protection for the wine. The fermentations are conducted in tanks of cement in a 90%, the rest in stainless steel and oak. The wine rests in foudres of 2.000 liter oak austro-germans mostly, and barrels 500 liters French oak of various tonelerías.

The main objective is to make wines of Josep Grau absolutely reflect the Montsant area and add, with complexity and personality, fresh, structure and balance. The wines made by the winery of Josep Grau son:

  • LEfecte Flying
  • Vespres Vinyes Velles
  • Vespres Blanc
  • Regina
  • The Florens


Additional information

Weight 1.5 kg

Wine type

A rating of the vintage

Muy buena



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Per unit or Box 6

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