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White wine, Loxarel – To Pèl white xarel·what 10% amphora (ecólogico)

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Viticulture, organic and biodynamics.

Xarel·the proceeds of the estate Can Mayol, located at 250m of altitude. Manual harvest in boxes, choosing the healthiest grain and treating it with much care. Fermentation during 4 weeks in tanks with the whole grain with the skin of the grape where you will find them protective and tannins that prevent the oxidation. Later resting in jars of clay 720 litres for 3 months. Wild yeasts. Contains No sulfur dioxide added. Has not been subjected to any treatment, clarification or filtration.

Natural wines are made with great work in the vineyard and minimal intervention in the winery.


By its structure and complexity, invites you to take it only. Ideal for sharing with the curious and wine lovers. Recommended to accompany dishes of japanese cuisine (sushi).

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  • View: Old gold colour, cloudy (it is not filtering).
  • Nose: Memories of the hive, honey, nuts and symphony of white fruit.
  • Mouth: Entry very fresh, good acidity, concentration, complex, meaty and powerful.

The winery

The Loxarel winery was born of the vocation and the innovative spirit of Josep Mitjans that, with only sixteen years, developed their first 1.000 bottles of sparkling wine, thus breaking with the tradition of the production of bulk wine of the estate. It was the year 1985. After four generations in contact with the vine and the earth, the time had come to take a further step forward in the development process. Mitjans studied Oenology and took on the challenge of leading the restructuring of the business of the family vineyards. In 1987 registered Loxarel, that vindicates the value of the variety insígnia of the house: the xarel·what. Two years after, Teresa Nin he joined the company to deal with the administrative and commercial management of the brand, while you Were focused on the technical management of the winery and the vineyards. Loxarel has a small team of workers who are engaged in the vineyards and ensure that a year after the other the fruit of the land fill bottles without losing any of the essential characteristics of the terroir.

The personality and character of Josep Mitjans traspúa in their ecological and biodynamic wines. The connection with the earth and the relationship of the terroir with all that is around them, with the universe, characterized wines that are dynamic, breathe landscape and transport the palate to the Penedès; a sparkling wine with personality and character, and a few natural wines with essence, that reconnect with the earth and the spark of life in it.

The wine Loxarel are organic and biodynamic; repiran landscape, collect the essence of all that surrounds the vineyards. In the winery in Vilobí del Penedès rest natural wines with character, sparkling with personality and wines from the autochthonous varieties that turn to shine in the rows of stock in the Penedès region after having subtracted into oblivion for many years.

The xarel·what, the xarel·what vermell, the grenache, the maccabee, and parellada are the varieties star of the cellar. But there is also a space to extract the best out of the merlot, the muscat of Alexandria, and the tempranillo; to take advantage of the virtues of the pinot-noir, the syrah and the chardonnay at its exact point; and to demonstrate the adaptation of a cabernet sauvignon that came into the Penedès region to the mid-TWENTIETH century to stay.

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