The Viña Tondonia Estate Reserve 2004 Red

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Characteristics of the harvest: Year rated as EXCELLENT por el Consejo Regulador de Rioja. The absence of frost in spring and the good environmental conditions that were conducive to the fertilization and the ripening of the grapes and offset the harmful effects of pests that attack the buds at the time of bud break and bud burst–, made to produce an abundant harvest. Despite suffering a summer unstable and stormy, this large quantity of harvest achieved high levels of quality thanks to the optimal climatic conditions of a month of October, bright and fresh, that enabled us to carry out the work of vintage and convenient way to staggered, encubando each of the varieties in their point of seasoning, mature and balanced without putting in danger at any time, the perfect sanitary state of the grapes. The work of grape harvest began on the Viña tondonia estate of the day 11 October.

Aging in oak barrels: 6 years old, subject to 2 rackings per year. Clarified with whites of fresh eggs.

Limited production: 35.000 bottles.

Pairing: cooked fish, fried or grilled, spicy. Seafood cooked a la plancha. White meats with sauces consistent.

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  • View: Amber Color natural, developed.
  • Nose: Nose very fine, complex, evolved but remembering the fruit.
  • Mouth: In the mouth it is soft, consistent, fine and developed.

The winery

In the mythic town of Haro, capital of The Rioja Alta, perhaps the best place to be produced of the extraordinary amount of coincidences between the goodness of the climate and severity of the earth, are the bodegas López de Heredia, the oldest in Haro (founded in 1877) and one of the first three of The Rioja. The strategic location of its vineyards, the exceptional quality of the plantations, as well as the varieties used, have their complement in a gorgeous winery, whose process of creation was similar to the planting of the vineyards, slowly, with the utmost affection.

The vineyards

The obtaining of the maximum quality in our wines requires having a heritage agricultural own, to overcome the dependency of the purchase of grapes from small growers, avoiding the diversity in terms of qualitative offerings. Therefore, between 1913-1914, Don Rafael Lopez de Heredia and Landeta, to the couple that was building their industrial facilities, carried out the planting The Viña Tondonia Estate, giving origin to the most well-known product of the winery. The Viña tondonia estate is a beautiful vineyard of over 100 ha, situated on the right bank of the river Ebro, where they grow the vine most typically riojanas.

The Viña tondonia estate is the most spectacular in Haro. Located in a conch shell and embraced by the Ebro river, forming a peninsula, makes up a landscape of alluvium, limestone and poplars.

López de Heredia has, further, three other vineyards, nestled in the highest area of la Rioja –taking advantage of its microclimate of net atlantic influence– so-called Viña Cubillo, Viña Bosconia and Viña Zaconia. These plantations are made in suitable proportions so that the quality originates from the vineyards, the main basis of the prestige of our wines.

The vineyards are cared for with genuine enthusiasm and enormous attention, having in total an extension of 170 ha, with an average annual production of about 800.000 kilos of grapes, that are allocated in their entirety to the elaboration of our wines of the highest quality and, course, to the large reserves of this house, when they come from crops truly exceptional.

Of exceptional, in effect, can be classified the 1976, or the years 1973, 1970, 1968, 1964, 1961, 1954 and so on up to the 1883, that was the first and, as such, reserve bottled the founder, and still keep some bottles in our vinacoteca family.

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