Red wine – Viña Pomal Commitment 2015

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Viña Pomal, the flagship of Bodegas Bilbaínas, presents a new limited edition and more special that evokes their values, those who claimed and those that are flagged: commitment, source, tradition and the land from where everything is born. This is Viña Pomal Commitment, the first wine in the world aged in oak barrels tattooed.
Viña Pomal has wanted once again to reaffirm her indebtedness with the classical values and has made it neither more nor less than by the art of the tattoo. A route by 4 Spanish cities in which 6 tattoo artists of national and international renown have been interpreted, recording fire in oak barrels, their values of life. Of these barrels is now Viña Pomal Commitment, an author's wine red unique and of limited production (5.000 bottles).


The five red grape varieties of Rioja are blended in this wine to enhance the virtues of tradition and the strength of character. The elegance of the Tempranillo, the exquisite rusticity of the Graciano, the expressive charm of Garnacha, the spicy nuances as genuine Maturana and power rugged Mazuelo. A powerful combination, a game full of boldness, their commitment to the origin, and a wine unique and original, Viña Pomal Commitment. The casks in which it has been elaborated Viña Pomal Commitment have been marked to fire with our values of life. Our source, tradition, land and commitment lie forever on the wood of French and american oak. A powerful combination, a game full of boldness, a commitment to our origin. “We want to claim back the commitment with the values of the whole life.”, Alejandro Lopez, winemaker of Bodegas Bilbaínas.


For the production of this wine has resorted to the five varietals of Rioja, that provide a differential note in the assembly. Each one of them, looking for its unique features, it is cultivated in different soils and in different areas that make up the region of Rioja. Therefore, we've had Tempranillo soil clay-calcareous Haro, from the best plots of Viña Pomal, Grenache vineyards in altitude in the terrain cascajoso Rioja Media, Maturana tinta and Mazuelo of the area of Rioja Baja, looking for their perfect maturation, and Graciano of alluvial soils of the Rioja Alta area.

By your profile, complex recommended wine pairing Vina Pomal Commitment with stews of winter (stews, cooked, fabada) and also with meats (preferably hunting) well made. Its aspect of transgression also makes it ideal for international cuisine, both the mexican hot as the exotic thai or the sophisticated French.



  • View: A wine of great color, of a deep maroon with bluish tints.
  • Nose: Of great complexity, with aromas of red fruit, violet flowers, white pepper and spices combined with a mild, memories of vanilla and roasted coffee.
  • Mouth: Friendly wine, fresh and lively, with great body and persistence fruity.

The winery

With more than a hundred years old, Bodegas Bilbaínas has been faithful to the philosophy that a day dream of its founder Santiago Ugarte in 1901.

Registered as signature bottling oldest in La Rioja, is proud to be the winery with the largest area of underground cellars underground of the territory (3.400 m2) and with the greater surface area of vineyard in the municipality of Haro arranged around. All in all they are 250 Has a quality uniquely nurturing home-grown grapes to the winery, this ensures a fast processing without loss of quality.

Set in the heart of the neighborhood of the station Haro, its strategic location allowed it from the start to take advantage of the train as means of transport for getting their wines to any corner of the planet. Have had many vintages since then, and during this time, with its flagship brand, Viña Pomal (1904), the winery has maintained her personal style so much success and recognition has been given internationally to this denomination.

Today, Bilbaínas has some of the wines and champagnes more prestigious and emblematic Rioja among which are his classics Viña Pomal, Viña Zaco, Ederra, Royal Carlton and The Vicalanda, as well as their Unique Wines of Maturana, Tempranillo white, Graciano, Grenache.

Bodegas Bilbaínas has 250 hectares of vineyards of his ownership. These cater to the 70% the production of the winery, while 30% remaining comes from growers in the area. Produces a few 2,4 millions of bottles a year, and belongs to the group Codorniu.


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