2.000 bottles.

Red wine Bodegas Emotion – Emotion Passion

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Limited production 2.000 bottles.


Wine Passion is created in a garage and has been developed completely handmade. All the movements have been made in the winery by gravity and feeling the grapes, by being walked on, not to suffer anything to the wine, and keep all its aromas to be bottled. It is elaborated with grapes of the variety Tempranillo, from vineyards in Baños de Ebro (Álava), adjacent to Elciego (in the foothills of the Sierra de Cantabria) and also one small Laguardia.

The harvest was carried out manually in boxes of grape-12kg, by stacking the clusters in only two rows, not to alter the natural conditions of the grape. Has previously been pruned to a result of 2 the 3 clusters per vine vine.

In the cellar have been made bazuqueos daily, and a return to daily. After finishing the development, with the best of the best, only been out a limited production of 2.000 bottles.

There have been two selection tables for inspect good grape, which was in his right point of maturation. It has been fermented for 23 days 24-25 ° C of temperature in stainless steel tanks and part in barrels/tino 1,000 l.

Malolactic fermentation in barrel: The barrel aging has been a year in barrels 500 and 225 liters. You have to 13.9 º of alcohol.


Emotion Passion could be the ideal companion for events and ceremonies or special meetings. Meat, Fish, post…

Michelin Stars

You can find this wine in some restaurants with Michelin Stars. Among others, in the following restaurants:
  • *** Arzak. San Sebastian (Gipuzkoa)
  • *** Azurmendi. Larrabetzu (Bizkaia)
  • *** Martin Berasategui. Lasarte-Oria. (Gipuzkoa)
  • *** Akelarre Pedro Subijana. San Sebastian (Gipuzkoa)
  • *** Mugaritz. Renteria (Gipuzkoa)
  • ** "El Faro del Puerto". The Port of Santa Maria (Cádiz)
  • *** Etxebarri. Atxondo (Bizkaia)
  • ** Echaurren. Ezcaray (Rioja)
  • * Andra Mari. Galdakao. (BIzkaia)
  • * Etxanobe. (Bilbao)
  • * Albora. (Madrid)
  • ** Ramon Freixá. (Madrid)
  • ** Boroa (Amorebieta. (Bizkaia)
  • ** Nerua Guggenheim. (Bilbao) Elcano (Getaria)
  • ** Lasarte of Berasategi. (BCN)
  • * Aizian. (Bilbao)
  • * El Bohio. (Toledo)
  • * La Solana. Ampuero (Cantabria)
  • * Cenador de Amos. (Villaverde de Pontones (Cantabria)
  • ** AbaC Jordi Cruz. (BCN)
  • * Can Bosch. Cambrils (Tarragona)
  • * Tatau Bistro. Huesca (Huesca)
  • * Hoffman (BCN)
  • * Arbore da Veira (A Coruña)



  • View: Red pillory high layer, very covered with edge-maroon. Tear dense and slow fall and fine.
  • Nose: Medium intensity with aromas of black fruits and currants red, balsamic (mint and eucalyptus). After the fruit appear notes from the ageing process reminiscent of subtle cocoa powder, cinnamon and toffee, spicy (vanilla, nail), fresh thyme, tips of ink and cigar box, violets.
  • Mouth: In the attack fills the mouth with subtlety, and a lot of fruit expression, surrounded by shades very little roasted all kinds, licorice, hazelnut toast, cocoa and coffee, and jam. Complex and tasty. Long aftertaste.

The winery

Wineries Emotion arises from a comprehensive study conducted by land across the Iberian Peninsula in terms of latitudes, guidelines, but, above all, in the search to rescue the vineyards to save them before it be plucked up, for a whole year. That's why the age of the strains from this winery. After several screens (12 provinces producing great wines) fall in love with and decided by the “terroir” of Laguardia in Rioja.

Who you are

Asier Arriluzea, winemaker, he has worked for years making wines, after the Master's degree in Viticulture and Enology in the School of Agricultural Engineers of Madrid. Specialization: Use of timber and indigenous yeasts of the zone of Rioja Alavesa. Later, specialized in design of wineries after completing his career at the Technical School of Architecture of the University of Navarra. It is a great passion of wine; from his earliest childhood amid the vineyards in the Rioja.

Eneko Knörr, economist and founder of several companies, it is dedicated to the world of mobile technology in San Francisco (CA) and is considered to be an authentic lover of wines and authentic “terroir”.

What is your goal

Want to, first of all, to reduce the impact on the carbon footprint in the vineyard and in the winery (attempting to boot the minimum vineyards and revive all that can. Further, gradually pass to the vine is suited to organic viticulture, with the difficulties associated with that in Rioja, because of the weather. Already removed the tractors gradually. Go with prudence, and listening to the vineyard, seeing every day how they are going to adapt to the most natural possible.

Within the viticulture, want to express a different area to La Rioja-always land with alterations in its composition and which sets of Rioja. Have found certain chemical components of the soil with a denominator common to volcanic soils. Believe that these two plots where it leaves your wine are very special, since they have a multitude of layers with multitude of components (limestone, granite, sand, etc).

On the other hand, always aim to be linked to that line of escalation of consciousness, code of ethics, responsibility, and feel close to the innovation, the transversality and the sense of humor in all that you do and feel.

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