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Red Wine Seventh Malbec 2015

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Seventh Malbec it's an argentinean red wine produced in the Wineries Seventh. It is the perfect balance between historical heritage, innovation and excellence in winemaking. Wine made 100% with the variety Malbec is a wine that is soft, warm and balanced.

DEVELOPMENT (VINIFICATION) The grapes, harvested bines plastics 350 kg, they did the descobajado and a soft breaking of the grain to release all the juice inside. There, he led the must to the stainless steel tank, where she underwent a cold maceration between 8 and 10 °C for 5 days to achieve a delicate extraction of aromas and color. Then we proceeded to the planting of selected yeasts, giving origin to the start of the fermentation, it was controlled to a temperature of between 26 and 28 °C for 7 to 10 days. Daily were pumping over a very smooth way until the end of the fermentation. Finished this stage, the 100% the wine spent 6 months in contact with oak barrels of second use French and american. Once packaging, is estibó in a bottle 3 months.

VINEYARD (VITICULTURE) The harvest began in the first fortnight of march, by collecting the clusters manually. It is a wine 100% Malbec is elaborated with grapes own from the district of Agrelo, Lujan de Cuyo. The precision farming practices in our vineyards allows to produce wines varietals that convey the maximum expression of the terroir. The ground, of zero tillage, it is very deep, of alluvial origin, with low contents of organic matter and excellent permeability. Is covered by grasses and legumes that provide nutrients and improve the structure, at the same time that it acts as a preventive control of early frost. The climate presents a great thermal amplitude that reaches the 15 degrees. With a balanced handling of the canopy is achieved to give a correct exposure of the bunches to the sun, to achieve an appropriate maturity not only of sugars, but in particular of polyphenols. Vines balanced, oriented in a system of trellis in cord bilateral, with an efficient control of drip irrigation resulting in optimal ripeness. The yield was 10.000 kg/ha.

Seventh Malbec is ideal for accompanying red meats, hunting and prepared dishes.
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  • View: Ruby red Color, bright.
  • Nose: Defined and persistent. Its notes of plum and figs combine with the vanilla, from the wood, achieving this way a wine nice and subtle.
  • Mouth: It combines density and sweetness with an attractive leave mineral. Its finish is long and persistent, with a delicate flavor to fruit black sweet.

The winery

The winery Seventh, which belongs to the group Codorníu Raventós, is located in Mendoza (Argentina), next to the eastern cordillera of the Andes. The area is known for being the wine-producing region of Argentina's most important. The 360 has of Seventh are above the 1.050 m above sea level and the care of the vine is entirely manual and individualized. The farm of the Seventh surrounding the winery, the style of the old Chateaux French, minimizing the time of transfer of the grapes from the field to the winery to preserve the quality of the grapes harvested. The wines of Bodega Seventh are of high quality and boast numerous accolades in the press and international competitions.

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