Vino Blanco Yellow Tail Moscato

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Yellow Tail Moscato this is a white wine vibrant, full of flavor and personality. Yellow Tail Moscato is made with grapes from the best vineyards. The fruit is harvested in the cool of the night, to retain the maximum freshness and flavor. Para to ensure the smoothness on the palate, is used the must flower with a light pressed. The wine was stabilized and filtered cold to preserve all of its aromas.


The Moscato Yellow Tail is made from grapes from vineyards of the highest quality. The fruit is harvested in the cool of night to retain maximum freshness and flavor. The must is obtained by leaving it out and applying slight pressure to ensure maximum softness in the mouth. Once developed, the wine is stabilized and filtered in cold to maintain their rich aromas and their freshness. Then assembled and added to a concentrated juice of grape to reduce their alcohol content.


Enjoy Yellow Tail Moscato well chilled, as aperitif and with salad in summer.



  • View: Straw-yellow colour.
  • Nose: Full of natural sweetness. Presents an intense aroma of grapes freshly squeezed, peach and passion fruit, with a note of candy.
  • Mouth: The slight effervescence of the wine highlights the bright tropical flavors and fresh acidity.

The winery

The family-owned winery Casella Wines it belongs to the business group australian Yellow Tail and has its vineyards in the lands of Yenda (Australia). The family Casella has links wine dating back 6 generations to Italy. Yellow Tail wines are created with a simple philosophy – to make a great wine that everyone can enjoy. This wine is everything a great wine should be: accessible, fresh and full of flavor. Yellow Tail is one of the five most important wine brands in the world.

Their range of wines includes 8 varietal Yellow Tail (including Shiraz and Chardonnay), 3 mixtures and 1 sparkling white and rosé wine. The portfolio book includes 6 varieties, including Cabernet Sauvignon and Pinot Grigio. The Reserve wines are produced by John Casella and chief winemaker, Alan Kennett of Casella Wines, Australia.

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