White Wine Monterrey: Bottleneck godello

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A wine, under its crystalline yellow, fuses different aromas and flavors harmonic percentages. On the nose leaves the combination of floral scents, fruit and citrus, Wet grass and honey in his mouth while his taste is elegant and very tasty.

Prize: ACIO DE ORO 2015
Prize: ACIO DE ORO 2015 | best white wine of Galicia

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gargalo_godelloType: White Wine
Producer: Bodegas Bottleneck
Appellation: O.D.. Monterrey
Grapes: Godello
Recommended: Fish and seafood, rice sea, poultry and white meats
Graduation: 13%
Optimum serving temperature: 6º – 8º

Cata: Bright yellow color with golden notes. The nose is fresh, floral, with citrus and tropical notes. Nuances of fresh grass and honey notes, excellent fruit expression. The palate is glicérico, mineral, with notes of white fruits, apple and long aftertaste and prolonged.

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