Albariño / Rias Baixas: Lordship of Sobral

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Wine Lordship of Sobral Albariño is made from grapes 100% Albariño . Designation of Origin: Rias Baixas

The Lordship of Sobral Albariño Albariño wine is one which must be said that for the three senses is a pleasure. The view is beautiful, a pale gold color and with minimal needle, resembling a rare constellation of bright stars. Its aroma is intense, penetrating, like a cyclone of summer fruit and citrus. The taste is fresh and soft, very proportional, a big finish, matices.Y varied as not forget to take the temperature little cold. It is a young wine, a newborn, and you know do not make it shiver. Ideal for fish and shellfish


Type: Young White Wine
Producer: Sobral Manor Winery
Designation D.O.Rías Low
Grapes: Albariño 100%
Recommended: Shellfish, foie gras and baked fish.
Graduation: 12 % Flight.
Optimum serving temperature: 9-11ºC

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