White wine of Eduardo Peña 2015

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Eduardo Peña is prepared by maceration of the varieties of Treixadura, Albariño, Godello, Side and Loureira; work on lees and smooth blend with fermentation in barrels 300 liters of medium grain European oak and toasted very soft.



  • View: Pale yellow Color with golden reflections.
  • Nose: Complexity, intensity and quality of primary aromas, subtle, elegant and very intense at once; citrus lemon, laurel and orange blossom; tropical pineapple and mango; Hair fruit peach and apricot, merge with soft light balsamic smoked, vanilla and other minerals.
  • Mouth: Boca fat, full, smooth and satiny, good structure, tasty and slightly bitter: well balanced, good acidity and very long.

The winery

The Cellar Eduardo Peña Do Kyung-soo in Ribeiro has a 5 hectare estate. trellised double cordon to 250 m. of altitude on gentle slopes and west-facing, in the western part of the province of Ourense, marked by the passage of the river Miño and its tributaries. The stony field, sandy, slate and stone, a gentle slope towards the reservoir of Castrelo de Miño, it has vineyards on parallel lines and sorted in search of the sun. Climate with mild influence of the atlantic, with low temperatures in winter and high during the summer months, the rainfall range between the 800 and 1.000 mm. annual. The Winery Eduardo Peña It is seen from much of the Ribeiro. The proposed solution is based on the idea of hiding as much as possible the part where it made the wines through their incorporation into the terrain taking advantage of the slope of the vineyard.

His best-known wine is white wine Eduardo Peña. The environment of buried remains at a constant temperature of 14º and 15º in winter or summer respectively. The winery, making holes on the mount and, at the end, look for the air with a vertical chimney, a current of air is continuous and adjustable at will, through pipes under the ground, that avoids the use of mechanical means and maintains optimal conditions for wine making. With the consequent optimisation of energy. It is an approach to the traditional way of building the wine cellar. To produce the wine of Eduardo Peña of Galicia, the grape is harvested manually with a production of white grape of 6.000 to 8.000 Kgr./has and black grape of 3.000 to 5.000 Kgr./has.

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