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White wine Envidia Cochina Albariño 2017

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Envidia Cochina – Tête de cuvée, occurs in soils with exceptional conditions, practicing a viticulture and the process of development unique. Our vineyards have an average age of more than 30 years old, carrying more than eight out of transition to the biodynamic.

Packaging: Label that mimics a “clipping” of the press of an article on the Envy with a bullet, each add, the comic book bears the title the own brand of wine, creation of Eladio Piñeiro, design and realization Jaime Asensi.

The vineyards are distributed in privileged areas within the varied orography of the Val do Salnés. The harvest of the harvest of the 2016 it was during the penultimate and last week of September. After the manual picking of the grapes in the vineyard and a further selection in the winery are macerated (8-10 hours), is done foot of cuba days before to assist the spontaneous fermentation with its own yeast, “wild”, fermented at a low temperature very long.

After fermentation, of all the harvest, we selected the top of the vats of that vintage with more fruity (Tête de Cuvée). Have aging on its own fine lees from 6 months (performing beating weekly 3 first few months and monthly the 3 following), the blend final is the result of the assembly with a 15 % the add above (2015) intended to Frore of Carme (which, until that time, it was aged on its fine lees with beating monthly, during 1 year, more 3 months with the lees of the vintage following (2016), more other 3 months maturing in tank of stainless steel).

Bottled, on day Flower, and started its marketing in the month of June 2017.

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  • View: Straw yellow, clean, bright, with plenty of tear.
  • Nose: White fruits (apple, pear...), fennel, touches of citrus, minerality, saline granite destructurado.
  • Mouth: Fresh with carbonic fermentation, citric, wide, fatty, glyceric. Notes of fruit in syrup, balanced acidity, structured, with long finish and persistent.

The winery

Eladio Piñeiro founded in 1983 Bodegas Mar de Frades after several years making wine Albariño, before it was granted the Denomination of origin Rías Baixas. Never wanted a wine cellar of big dimensions, but always obsessed by a wine staff, and thus was born a special production from grape must tear which was presented in partnership with the harvest of the 91 and a dress only (GLASS bottle BLUE custom), that was a revolution in terms of external image of a high quality wine.
Later added on its label, a hidden message to the consumer, which was to appear a galleon when the wine was to the optimal temperature for consumption. Also got to position a liqueur pomace exclusive and the rest of the range in a bottle in the form of still traditional.
This gives an idea of the exclusivity of the consumers to whom it is directed, for they tried to make elaborations very special based on the roots of this land of the Salnés, removing that is exceptional in the variety Albariño both in the wine as in the distillation of their skins.

In January of the year 2003, because of a serious health condition of your partner, decides to address any of the offers that each year received, given that your brand in all the market studies came out as more capacity growth among other features, because it was reluctant to produce more with the risk of not maintaining the level of quality and rigor that had been imposed. Given the family situation and to have guarantees of face, he decides to sell exclusively their brand “Mar de Frades”, the patent of the blue bottle and the Still, by signing a covenant of non-competition during 3 years and renting the warehouse during that period, but of course, the return was announced.

Motivated by this event family-and after its happy outcome back to confirm what really excites and keeps you full of life and almost take it by force, but finally the fate wanted that had the possibility of doing so and, in addition, with time to think and decide what more could satisfy you contribute to the world of wine without taking into account what is sold in a market saturated with supply.

Therefore, the family, has decided to produce wine and pomace away from the usual circuit of sale creating a new category (Wines from Private Collection), to do so sets in motion ATENEO-PRIVATE COLLECTION for channel exclusively with the entire range of production – Wines with Soul in the Portuguese Alentejo and Albariño wine and pomace on his land, the Rías Baixas, so you will have absolute freedom to create and develop small amounts that they can collect exclusively the partners and make it known to wine lovers that seek to reward.

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