Batch products of Galicia: Nº19

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Delicious ham and pork sausages Celtic created in groves galegos, selection of wines from the most important wineries of all DO. Galicia, delicious homemade sweets, delicatessen, gourmet canned ... all in boxes, baskets and trunks conveniently presented for Christmas.

Christmas basket composed of:

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  1. Vermut ecológico Green Mixology
  2. Albóndigas de bonito Currimar
  3. Zamburiñas en salsa gallega Conservas de Cambados
  4. Galletas de castaña Petelo
  5. Paté de nécora O Submarino
  6. Plato de madera de pulpo serigrafiado

Con tarjeta navideña / Tarjeta de felicitación de regalo y nota dedicada por el cliente

We have different types of boxes,baskets and trunks for Christmas hampers further if desired can prepare customized batch Galician products, please contact the links or mobile phone that comes below for any questions, questions or suggestions.

Another suggestion for gifts / was at Christmas

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Weight 10.1 kg


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