Sliced ​​cured "Porco Celta de Campo" Cercel

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Features: Jamón de Porco Celta de Campo,100% purebred Celtic, reared free in the "soutos" Galicians with healing 24 to 30 months.
Its flesh is red with an average infiltration. Organoleptic characteristics lead us to the flavors of yesteryear, aromas tradicción, winery, flavors tuned for Chestnut, unctuous and long aftertaste, nothing bitter.
Health and Wellness: Because race and breeding system released, ham Porco Celta field contains a high nutritional value in unsaturated fatty acids and oleic acid. This being recommended for a balanced diet.
Pairing: Dale ham Cercel, a good Galician wheat and rye bread, a little oil virgin Olei, and you will taste the essence of a people.

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From the town of Lugo Sarria, Celtic cradle of pork, it starts the
race recovery Porco Celta. One of the pioneers in this
Recovery began working on the development of high quality
Celtic Pig.

So Cárnicas Teijeiro, family business with a long tradition in the development
salted fish and Galician meats, It begins in the year 2003 a project to
Porco Celta returned to its natural place in the High delicatessen and gastronomy

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