1% Sauvignon blanco

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  • White wine Codorniu (Wines of the Passer) – The Talk 2016

    Poppies in the wind seem to be rotated towards the lilies, commenting on the generous spring in the highlands of Wheel. On the stony ground lies a sea of vineyards of Verdejo. Smooth, golden, its grapes provide the harmony of the aroma of fruit madura, and light notes of fresh green aniseed in the white Wines of the Passer - The Talk.
    The grape harvest, with all the care in order not to lose its fragrance. We separate the stems from the grapes and maceramos a few hours the berries to release the evocative aromas contained in the skin of grapes, and pick them up in the wort. The must is fermented at a low temperature (14 ºC) slowly revealing the aromatic expression of this variety.
    Vine in glass on floors brown, stony are the traditional landscape in the area of Wheel; in good relations with new trellised vineyards, showing a balance of tradition and modernity.
    Wines of the Passer - The Talk is a white wine that harmonizes perfectly with creams, salads, sautéed vegetables, incoming, seafood, smoked, white meat, legumes and pasta or rice dishes.
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