10% Syrah

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  • Red wine Cal Grau – The Ninota 2015

    The Ninota Vins is the new project of Company Vineyards Iberian in Catalonia. The Ninota arises from the concern to produce wines of reduced production where the common denominator is house the different appellations of origin of Catalonia: Priorat, Montsant, Terra Alta, Penedés. We talk about wines that are a true reflection of their soils, environments and weather, putting flag a great respect for the variety. Each wine will have your style and personality, offering a great added value. Fran Vernet, winemaker Cal Grau, is the culprit of ensuring that each wine has its own style and a own personality well defined, offering a huge value added very personal. One of the successes of Vernet and the Osborne family it is The Ninota 2015. Belonging to the D. O. Q. Priorat, whose grapes main are the garnacha and cariñena, that dwell in soils on mountain of slate and licorella, with a small contribution of syrah grapes. Vinification and ageing: 4 months in barrel.
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  • Wine red Mim's Celler de l'era 2011

    Elaboration: our wines are produced with grapes conreadas in our own vineyards, harvested by hand in boxes 10 to 15 Kg. The grapes are hand selected in the table vibrated. Each variety is fermented separately in stainless steel vats i it makes parenting later in barrels of French oak 225 liters of fine-grain i toasted light.

    Pairing: red meats and hunting, rice (mountain, mushrooms and foie) and stews.

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