100% Albariño (strains of 50 years old)

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  • Came Without words Special Albariño 2010

    Without words Special Albariño 2010 “An albariño mature, subtle on the nose ,but expressive and lively in the mouth. A wine that will grow with time and that may value the aging of this noble breed” Presentation in metal box special gift 2010 Year warm and dry. Little summer and rainy and moderate temperatures at the beginning and higher until the time of harvest. This involved the accumulation of sugar and low acidity Without Words, it is a white wine of the D. O. Rías Baixas produced by Adegas Castrobrey. It is a monovarietal Albariño, whose grapes come from old vines of more than 75 years old. They are located in 12 hectares of the highest part of the estate, where the soil is shallow and base granite. Without Words it is worked using advanced techniques of criomaceración and controlled fermentation in stainless steel tanks. Without Words it undergoes a process of fermentation. Finally is performed a traffic jam delaying to come to the fore all its nuances.
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