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  • Vino tinto Tinto GR-174 2017

    Description of Red Wine Red GR-174 2017

    It is the expression of farms. In it involved the two terroirs, one (Casa Gran) bringing much freshness and red fruits and the other (La inviolability) with minerality, structure and black fruit. It is made with all grape varieties from the two farms: Grenache, Cabernet Sauvignon, Samsó, Syrah, Merlot and Cabernet Franc.    
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  • Vino Trus Roble 2017

    Vino Trus Roble Wine made from the variety TINTO FINO grapes from our vineyards in the property in Piñel. After its fermentation in tinos oak the wine matures during 4 months in barrel.
    • Selection of vineyards more fresh, with guidance northwest. Vintage manual, with optimum ripeness for wine young and mature.
    • Traditional elaboration in tinos oak. Vatting during 10 days at 24ºC, looking for balance between extraction and acidity.
    • Malolactic fermentation natural, in tinos oak. Parenting 4 months in barrels of French.
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  • Wine Fillaboa Selection Finca Monte Alto 2015

    Wine from the 70 hectares of vineyards of Fillaboa. Wine of payment made with grapes from the parcel, Monte Alto, emblem of Fillaboa. It is the highest (150 m.) and sunny of their farms, planted in 1988 in a meander of the river Miño, before the river joins the Atlantic ocean. It is therefore a terroir interior, that gives the Albariño is an exceptional character. Fillaboa Selection Finca Monte Alto is a great wine that surprises by its balance and roundness, produced in limited editions.

    Fillaboa Selection Finca Monte Alto 2015

    This wine comes from the historic Farm Fillaboa, of a vineyard 74 acres nestling in undulating slopes that linda, in its southern part, with the rivers Tea and Miño, a natural border with Portugal. 8 payments Fillaboa are part of the ‘blend’, the most representative and best quality of grapes including the part of the High Mountain that goes to the wine Fillaboa Selection of high-end.
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  • Cava Brianda de Aragon Brut

    Cava Brianda de Aragon Brut

    Vinification After a first fermentation and bottling, a second alcoholic fermentation in the bottle, called retractions. Here, the base wine is mixed with yeast that help to consume the sugar and causes the fermentation. Then, the bottles are carried to the underground cellars to its period of ageing in contact with lees of the yeasts for a minimum of 15 months, making it a cava reserva. During that time occurs the removal, in the sediment of the yeast is transferred to the neck of the bottle. Later, it carries out the degüello, removing the sediment from the neck of the bottle with the minimum loss of sparkling wine. Finally, is made the corking the cava, by adding the liquor of expedition, a mixture of old wine, and other compounds that are allowed by the Appellation of Origin, what will compensate for the loss of liquid occurred in the disgorgement.
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  • Red wine Maria Brianda

    Red wine Maria Brianda

    Maria Brianda is a tribute to two ladies of great relevance in the history of the Five Villages (the FOURTEENTH century). Brianda, countess of Luna and Mary, your daughter, queen of Aragon. 50% Cabernet Sauvignon, 30% Grenache, 20% Syrah
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  • Moscatel Gran Palafox 50cl

    Moscatel Gran Palafox

    Talk about moscato wine is to talk about the wines that are produced with the grape of the same name, being this grain fat, usually like a lot of sun and is characterized by being very sweet. Not in vain, when we refer to this excellent wine, we are referring to an elixir of the gods that has a sweetness very distinctive and is very versatile for any situation.
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  • Mary came from Palafox 2015

    Red wine María de Palafox 2015 Red wine María de Palafox 2015 that is made in the area of The Five Villages and is the flagship of the Wineries Larre. The wine is very round, that fills the mouth and provides a silky feel. The tannin is very polished, but it gives a lot of structure.
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