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Queso Gallego: Rosewood mini

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Cheese PaloSanto is presented in parts 750 grams approximately

Virtually unknown in the rest of Spain, the Palo Santo is a cheese made from cow's milk; mild flavor, very buttery and blends very well. Its name is due to the instrument that was used by a monk from a monastery near Cuntis (Pontevedra), back in the 1.720, to remove the curd from which was obtained a fatty cheese of exquisite flavour, prior rest of 3 months in the cellars of the convent.

Thanks to the researchers who study the old documents of the Monastery which got the formula. Today their preparation is as traditional as in the EIGHTEENTH century.

Features: Paperback, circular shape, weight 750 grams approximately..
It is made in wedges 0.250 grams.

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Palo Santo, name of the instrument that was used by a monk belonging to the monastery of the vicinity of cuntis(pontevedra), to proceed to the curd of the milk which came out a fatty cheese of exquisite flavour and with a maturity of three months in the cellars of the convent (1720).

Producer: Central Lechera Gallega SA
Producing companies cheeses, in Cunti, Pontevedra.


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