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  • Daveiga Butter Cookies

    Butter sailors, in a cardboard box. This is the canapé version of the classic mariñeiras. Box of 100 grams. Of all the sailors, these are the tastiest. were the first version to be developed, that's why they are called classic. The touch of butter makes them juicier, and gives them a unique flavor, unmistakable, the original flavor of mariñeiras cookies. Its size is smaller, and they are designed to take in one bite. For this reason, they are the most suitable for preparing canapés., since you can put different things on top. Their biggest advantage is the stamina they have, since once the package is opened they can last up to a month fresh. This allows you to have a substitute for bread that will keep for a long time.
  • Bread ousa 2 x 1Kg.

    Compact Pan, humid and dark that can last up 5 cool days, is always prepared traditionally and is originally from ousa (Friol, Lugo) It is very popular in the province of Lugo, Galicia. Ships cool day: Monday,Tuesday and Thursday, and delivered the next morning. Sold in formats 2 parts 1 Kgs, specially packaged to maintain quality and freshness.