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  • White wine Bodegas Baigorri – Baigorri White Fermented in a Barrel 2014

    White wine elaborated with grapes of the variety Viura and Malvasía. Macerated a few hours with their skins for later move to press. The fermentation and aging is done in new barrels of French oak with a toasty-specific, together with their lees, batonándose regularly during 8 months.
    Pairing Wine is especially indicated for any kind of fish. For its preparation and its structure allows to combine even meat light poultry such as chicken, turkey, partridges, duck...and the different ways to make it. It is a specially selected wine to snacks of cheese, tables of iberian and nuts.  
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  • White wine – Staff

    Vineyards Bordón blanco is a dry white wine, made from the white grape variety native to most classic of Rioja, Viura. This variety is also known as Macabeo in other areas, mainly in Catalonia. We use grapes from vineyards of The Rioja Alta that result in this wine of great balance with fruity notes.
    Elaboration Extraction of the must and fermentation in stainless steel tanks at a controlled temperature of 16 C to enhance the fruity aromas of the variety. Pairing Fish, seafood, vegetables, vegetables, appetizers and goat cheese.
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  • White wine Viña Oropendola Verdejo 2016

    Comes from a selection of vineyards of the Verdejo variety arranged in vase and with an age between 40 and 120 years old. The vineyards are located on soils of alluvial terraces and rocky near the margin of the river Duero.


    3 months in tank on lees with Batonnages biweekly.


    During 21 days at a temperature of 14-16ºc

    Time of Maceration

    16-20 hours film in cold at 10 ° c

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  • White wine Legaris – Legaris Verdejo 2017

    With Legaris Verdejo the winery entered in the D. O. Wheel. White wine modern for their taste and aromas, stands out as the perfect combination between the explosion of fruit and the elegance floral. The Verdejo variety provides intense aromas of white fruits and a hint of citrus (lemon). The innovative use of screw cap preserves perfectly the qualities of the wine until the time of consumption.
    Vintage night mechanical training in the trellis and day manual in vessels. Reception of grapes in the hopper, de-stemming-crushing, maceration in the press for 2-4h and subsequent pressing. Desfangados static and flotation, alcoholic fermentation at low temperature (14 ºC) with selected yeasts.
    The area of vineyards controlled is 2.100 hectares provided by a 300 suppliers of grape. The largest concentration of vineyards are registered in the municipalities of Wheel, Sawn and Dried in the province of Valladolid and in the boundary zone of the province of Segovia, in the D. O. Wheel. The vineyard is located at an altitude of between 700 and 850 meters above sea level. The soils most characteristic are the “gravel”: soils brown, stony with good aeration and drainage. The traditional training has been the glass, while in recent years all new plantings are done in trellis.
    Legaris Verdejo is a white wine that harmonizes perfectly with tapas, rice, salads, fish and pasta.
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  • White wine Codorniu (Wines of the Passer) – The Talk 2016

    Poppies in the wind seem to be rotated towards the lilies, commenting on the generous spring in the highlands of Wheel. On the stony ground lies a sea of vineyards of Verdejo. Smooth, golden, its grapes provide the harmony of the aroma of fruit madura, and light notes of fresh green aniseed in the white Wines of the Passer - The Talk.
    The grape harvest, with all the care in order not to lose its fragrance. We separate the stems from the grapes and maceramos a few hours the berries to release the evocative aromas contained in the skin of grapes, and pick them up in the wort. The must is fermented at a low temperature (14 ºC) slowly revealing the aromatic expression of this variety.
    Vine in glass on floors brown, stony are the traditional landscape in the area of Wheel; in good relations with new trellised vineyards, showing a balance of tradition and modernity.
    Wines of the Passer - The Talk is a white wine that harmonizes perfectly with creams, salads, sautéed vegetables, incoming, seafood, smoked, white meat, legumes and pasta or rice dishes.
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  • White wine Murua Fermented in a Barrel 2016

    The estate of Murua is composed by 110 hectares of own vineyard. The strains of the autochthonous varieties such as Viura, Malvasía and White Garnacha are between 40 and 80 years of age and are true gems located in the headwaters of the vineyards, cultivated as it was formerly in Elciego and the rest of The Rioja Alavesa.

    The add 2016 he presented with a mild winter in terms of temperatures is referred to. The spring was cool and cloudy, delaying the sprouting. Summer came very dry and warm, regaining the time lost in sprouting. The nights were cool, allowing the plant to rest and have a good level of development without suffering. We had exceptional returns due to good weather favorable to obtain a high quality and a good production. The sanitary state was perfect also because of the good weather during the harvest.

    Limited production to 7.590 bottles.

    VINIFICATION AND AGEING Following a traditional process, the wine was fermented in new barrels of French and american oak for 15 days. Once the fermentation terminated the wine was raised in the same barrels and on their lees during 7 months then moved to the bottle of Murua.
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  • White wine organic Ezar – 714 Ezar White 2015

    100% ecological Pairing Perfect companion for young cheese and flash cures, olives, tapas of smoked, carpaccio, fresh salads, mushrooms and cold soups. Especially indicated with fish, rice dishes and seafood, en general. It is a suitable choice for the artichokes and asparagus. Being a white wine with body, it can accompany meats.  
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  • Wine white semi-sweet Bodegas Franco Españolas – Diamond cut

    Vineyards Its peculiarity lies in the varieties that compose it: Viura and Chardonnay. Traditionally, the whites from Rioja have been based mostly on the variety Viura. However, the adoption of new varieties by the Regulatory Council, has allowed to investigate new possibilities, new assemblies, and how not to, able to carry out projects that convey new sensations. To Size Diamond you have selected different plots starting from the premise that the age of the vines of Viura must be superior to 30 years old. Strains that are rooted in clay-limestone soils of the north-western Rioja. The planting of Chardonnay is located in the Rioja media, at an altitude of 690 meters. The soil is clayey-sandy. Elaboration Pre-maceration in cold, it starts the fermentation of both varieties in order to extract the most aromatic complexity as possible. It paralyzes the fermentation when the sweetness level, acidity and structure are adequate to obtain a wine of high quality.
    Pairing Appetizers, Fish, seafood, rice, desserts, cold dishes.
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  • White wine Valenciso White 2016

    Valenciso White fall in love lovers of great white wines. The white Grenache and the last months in the barrel will bring aromas of wood, subtle and respectful with the fruity character of the variety. The result is a very well-balanced wine, it displays citrus aromas and bakery. It is sweet, surrounding, long and fresh. Sheer elegance and strength, in this vintage renews its image with a new bottle in burgundy. Pairing
    Hake with a sauce of leeks and clams, cod brandade, wok of vegetables and lobster.
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  • White wine Bodegas Bilbaínas – Viña Pomal Tempranillo blanco Reserve 2014

    Viña Pomal Tempranillo Blanco Reserve part of the collection of single varietal Bodegas Bilbaínas, Viña Pomal Wines Unique. A variety suitable for cooler zones, with an early maturation. The expression fresh white flowers and citrus, sumamos the complexity of ageing in oak barrels.
    Maceration of 8 hours with the skins. Fermentation in the barrel (15 ºC), working with batoneados during the first 4 months. Breeding total of 12 months in new French oak barrels and american 1 use. Raising minimum in bottle 12 months (Reservation).
    Selection of suppliers. Vineyards in Haro (450m) and Tudelilla (740m), of the D. O. Ca. Rioja. The add 2014 had a cold winter in which sprouting was brought forward due to the high temperatures and low soil moisture in the spring. After flowering it produced a curd excellent, although the lack of rain made the veraison was delayed as compared with previous years. The maturation was slow and somewhat irregular, so the harvest was delayed. In the case of the white grape, this slow maturation favored graduations balanced and an acidity that give the wine the capacity to suitable of aging. A key part in the vineyard has been the pruning, that made a early has insured the health of the clusters.
    Viña Pomal Tempranillo Blanco Reserve is the perfect complement of spice dishes, seafood or fish.
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  • White wine Bodegas Bilbaínas – Viña Pomal Maturana blanca 2016

    Viña Pomal Maturana Blanca part of the collection of single varietal Bodegas Bilbaínas, Viña Pomal Wines Unique. The Maturana Blanca is also known by the name of Ribadavia. It approved its use in the D. O. Ca. Rioja 2007, although it is the variety oldest of which we have written knowledge in Rioja, as cited already in 1622. It is a variety of good fertility, presents a small bunch and berry elliptical, also small in size. It is early in its development, and it is remarkable for its low pH, with a high content of tartaric acid and low in potassium. Presents the disadvantage of high sensitivity to botrytis, so that is exacting in her follow-up. DEVELOPMENT (VINIFICATION) Spontaneous fermentation in american oak casks new. Work of the lees during 3 months. Subsequently raised in French oak for 4 months. VINEYARD (VITICULTURE)
    Comes from the estate Paceta 14, located in the municipality of Haro, still the plot bordering with the basque Country and Burgos, a few 100 meters. Plot 17 years of age, grafted plants in Ribadabia on 110R, framework 2.6*1.2. It is a farm located in the privileged enclave sheltered from The Shells of Haro. At an altitude of 448 meters and oriented North-South,with a marked Atlantic influence. The morphology of the plot is composed by narrow lines, following the curves of level. Account with a surface of 0,66 hectares of D. O. Ca. Rioja.
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  • White wine – Viña Pomal 2016

    Viña Pomal Blanco is made from the traditional varieties of the region: Viura and Malvasía. After de-stemming, a short maceration (6h) and its subsequent pressing. The flower must is fermented in casks of american oak and French oak (50/50) new at a temperature of 15-18 ºC, staying in these 4 months in contact with its lees. Aided by soft batonages, the wine increases its complexity and its wide volume in the mouth.
    The farm is located in floodplains of the Ebro river and the border with him, it is one of the first of the Rioja Designation of Origin when we cross the gorge of the “Conchas de Haro”. This area, at the meeting of the influences of the atlantic and mediterranean, makes the vineyard is located in a boundary area of cultivation. It is here where better to develop the finesse and aromatic expression of our varieties. Soil: alluvial land, deep and fresh, with an abundance of boulders that ensure their maturation. Texture franco-tailed. Varieties: the Viura gives the base of this wine, giving weight and nuance. The malvasia, the spark, winning the wine in freshness and fragrance.
    Viña Pomal White harmonizes perfectly with dishes such as fish and seafood, but also light dishes such as vegetables, cheeses and creams.
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  • White wine Bielsa Ruano – The Noi of the Sax 2017

    Fermented at a controlled temperature. Preserved during 2 months with the lees.
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  • White wine Celler Germans Balart – The destraler blanc 2017

    Dry white wine. Fermentation at a controlled temperature of 18ºC in stainless steel tanks.
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  • White wine, Scala Dei Massipa 2015

    Massipa is the reissue of one of the wines from the cellar that had been developed in the past with the name of “White Scala Dei”. With this wine, want to show the fresh face of the Garnacha Blanca in the Priory in conjunction with the low Chenin blanc. Comes from a single vineyard historical, The Massipa, planted with white varieties. A white sleek and subtle that has demonstrated a good capacity for ageing.
    We harvested the Grenache and Chenin: the Grenache is at the point of maturation that we consider it appropriate to, and the Chenin helps us to maintain the acidity. Already in the cellar, are pressed together, the two varietals, is desfanga the wort and is transferred to a concrete tank where fermentará at a controlled temperature of 16-18 ° C with indigenous yeasts. Once finished the fermentation, is transferred to remove the lees thick, and subtract just fine. During the first two months of ageing is done a battonage per week and remains in the deposit; from the two months starts static ageing with lees on the bottom of the foudre.
    This is a wine of a single vineyard, The Massipa, located just to the side of the vine of Masdeu, with east orientation, to 650 meters of height and clayey soil red with inlays of gypsum. The vineyard has 45 years and is the only one with white grapes of Cellers Scala Dei. A road divided the vineyard in half: to one side there is the White Grenache and the other of the Chenin, planted by the Sr. Peyra at the end of the 80 with the arrival of varietal French at the Priorat.
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  • White wine Mas d'en Blei – Clos Martina 2014

    PRODUCTION 4.000 bottles.
    VITICULTURE Grapes are produced only of the finca Mas d'en Blei. Vineyards on terraces of slate (licorella). Vintage hand. Selection in table. Development separated by varieties.

    VINIFICATION Pre-maceration in cold during 24 hours. Pressing to racking to a tub where it is kept other 24h. Fermentation in new French oak barrels (Q. Petrea) of 300 liters, fine grain and medium toast light. Parenting 6 months with lees and "battonage" journal. Stabilization in cold, the natural way (seasonal), not induced. Bottled: 1 year in the bottle.


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  • White wine – Bernat Oller Blanc de Picamolls 2017

    Production: 12.133 bottles
    Caught by hand. Maceration in cold before pressing. The black grape is vinifica as Blanc de Noirs.
    The black grape, has done the fermentation and the ageing eggs of concrete for four months. The white grape has made the fermentation and the aging in two different items.
    Stainless steel tanks. Fermentation of 21 days at 16ºC. Parenting mothers total, during 5 months with stirred weekly.
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  • White wine – Petit Bernat 2017

    Production: 24.267 bottles
    Pressing, clarification, fermentation and rearing on mothers. Cold maceration before pressing. Alcoholic fermentation of 21 days at 16ºC.
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  • White wine Sant Joannes Xarel.what 2015

    Elaboration: Manual harvest of the last days of September. Clarification for one night (12h.) to 13ºC. Fermentation in stainless steel tanks at a controlled temperature (15ºC-17ºC). Stirring of lees daily during the winter. Coupage before bottling with wine remained in French oak barrels, corresponding to the previous year (approx. 10%), add elegance feature.    
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  • White wine Pere Olivella Galimany – White Add 2017

    The origin; vineyards of the finca's own farm Can Pere del Maset. We used the same trilogy of varieties that allow us to produce our sparkling wines of cava, the Maccabee, the Xarel • lo and Parellada. Viticulture dry, do not irrigate. Rational use and fully controlled from the copper and sulphur to try to minimize your use. We use sexual confusion to control Lobesia botrana (the european grapevine moth). Only use organic fertilizers. The harvest is performed in its optimal state of maturation phenolic, in the early morning hours, by the control of the temperature. Selection in the own vineyard, only the best grapes will be selected, harvesting by hand to ensure maximum quality of the grape. Elaboration: By gravity in the winery, derrapado and later crushed soft grape after gentle pressing of the paste at low pressures and alcoholic fermentation at a controlled temperature. There is No step by wood. Pairing: It is a wine that is very versatile, that allows for a varied selection of dishes and various cuisines. Highly recommend it but some dishes that we can harmonize perfectly with this wine, different starters like mussels steamed, the salads, rice or warm salad of seafood, sushi and sashimi, you can also accompany perfectly a grilled fish (a good sole) .  
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  • White wine Giró del Gorner 2016

    The wine Blanc Penedès of Turned the Gorner is a classic Penedès. A wine that aims to recover the wines of our ancestors, developed basically with the typical varieties, the Penedès: Macabeu, Xarel·lo and Parellada. There are No more secrets that few vineyards pampered, a few selected grapes, a gentle pressing, time and enjoy it.


    Smooth extraction of the flower must. The fermentation has gone by very slowly, between the 15 and 18ºC.

    Pairing: Perfect to accompany appetizers, salads, fish and seafood, cheeses and light white meats
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  • White wine Celler Credo – Estrany 2014

    ‘Estrany’, that offers something unexplained, and that excites the curiosity. What was strange in the wine of our grandparents? The white wine Estrany comes from the vineyard Serral del Bosc, soils, extremely calcareous and loamy texture (balance between arenas, silts and clays). It comes from a vineyard owned own located in the comarca of the Alt Penedès and cultivated according to the principles of organic farming and biodynamic. At Celler Credo, we work the vineyards, leaving to grow a ground cover spontaneous, very important to fluff up the soil and regulate the retention and the drainage of water in a crop of dry farming, as we practice. This carpet of vegetation it is essential to promote biodiversity and balance in the ecosystem of the vineyard, where we apply treatments with medicinal plants (phytotherapy) to control the presence of fungus and strengthen the strains of a totally natural way. The grape harvest at Celler Credo is carried out always at hand to ensure the excellent quality of the cluster. Before pressing, the grapes destined to the production of the Estrany passes through the selection table manual. Estrany retrieves a way ancestral to develop, when the wine is maceraba with the skin of the grape. This is a job with the skins of the grapes carried to the limit and that has as goal to show the variety xarel·it without compromise and with total frankness, deep and rough elegance. The fermentation takes place with yeast own from the vineyards of Celler Credo. You can present natural sediments the result of a minimal intervention. The vinification and the bottling are done in our property.
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  • White wine Ferré i Catasús – Xarel.what

    “I'm from here, my country is Catalonia, live with feet on earth and head in the stars, calling the gods. I am the stability and the challenge at the same time, soy el Xarel-lo de Ferré i Catasús.” El Xarel-lo de Ferré i Catasús esta minuciosamente elaborado con la variedad autóctona y principal del Penedés que le da su nombre. (consult add) Elaboration: Manual harvest in boxes of a few 15 kilos, pre-selection in the same vineyard. Once at the winery, is inserted in stainless steel tanks until mid-fermentation. Then we went to French oak barrels of 225L. Once the fermentation is finished, working the lees by the technique of “beating” (stirring of the lees) to get a smooth longer. Pairing: Pairs perfectly with all kinds of fish, rice, post, or cheese. .      
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  • White wine Ferré i Catasús – Somiatruites 2017

    “I am the dreamer, I never leave ilusionarme and create, never stop dreaming and believing, always looking for new projects and developments, I am Somiatruites of Ferré i Catasús” Somiatruites has a strong personality. It is a wine very aromatic that represents the full force of the white wines of the Penedès, that leads us to a wonderful journey through our land. Of your body get out a range of floral and fruity aromas. After enjoying its aromas, surprises us with an acidity ideal, able to create a communion that is perfect for any type of palate, for any requirement. Somiatruites is proud and secure. Proud of its origins, and insurance of its evolution. Elaboration: Grapes from the harvest is mechanized in the night to preserve all their qualities. Preparation and fermentation of the varieties separately at a controlled temperature of 16ºC. Vino elaborado con productos autorizados por el Of the Catalan council of Ecological Agricultural Production (CCPAE).  
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