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  • Platú London Dry Gin

    In case regulated with cup gift!!! Produced by the company Pontevedra Platú Premium Spirits, but their distillation takes place in a small village north of the city of London. Use the botanical: juniper berries, coriander seeds, oris root, licorice and angelica, cinnamon, nutmeg and orange rind, cassia and lemon.

    We start with a process of double distillation of pure grain English. Macerated 10 botanical high-quality hand-selected.

    Subsequently, the third distillation. It is in this phase dondese get the main distinctive features of the LONDON DRY GIN: Elegance, Softness, Freshness and Balance in the Degree of Alcohol Optimum.

    Finally, after a process of filtering multiple we get the transparency and brilliance that makes Platu London Dry Gin, a Gin Only.

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  • Albariño: Mar de Frades Albariño Magnum

    Mar de Frades Albariño Magnum, 1,5L DEVELOPMENT: The grapes harvested in season , crossing selection belts where clusters that are not "perfect" separate. Thus we get even more difficult years, qualities are very high. At harvest 2013, between 8 and 10% bunch coming from the field were removed in this process. The selected grape, macerated for periods of 10 and 20 hours depending on the starting, obtaining some aromatic musts, clean and great potential. Fermentations, slow and controlled, bound acidity, slightly higher than in the previous harvest, has moved to wines giving a special vividness, reminding one of the best vintages of the last decade Albariño. CATA: Color lemon, with golden flecks and bright green lime reflection skin. The nose shows notes of pome fruits like green apple and pear especially blanquilla; all about a subtle and persistent floral background. In the mouth the tour is spirited, leaving a fresh feeling, with continuity that made the nasal phase (flowers and green fruit about to mature ....). The final step is saline, with mineral notes and a reminder of ginger mixed with feelings of lychees and other exotic fruits.  
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  • Sliced ​​cured "Porco Celta de Campo" Cercel

    Presentation: Parts +/- 8 kg Features: Jamón de Porco Celta de Campo,100% purebred Celtic, reared free in the "soutos" Galicians with healing 24 to 30 months. Its flesh is red with an average infiltration. Organoleptic characteristics lead us to the flavors of yesteryear, aromas tradicción, winery, flavors tuned for Chestnut, unctuous and long aftertaste, nothing bitter. Health and Wellness: Because race and breeding system released, ham Porco Celta field contains a high nutritional value in unsaturated fatty acids and oleic acid. This being recommended for a balanced diet. Pairing: Dale ham Cercel, a good Galician wheat and rye bread, a little oil virgin Olei, and you will taste the essence of a people.
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