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  • Marc Pazo Señoráns (0,50 L)

    DEVELOPMENT: This liquor is prepared with skin albariño after being pressed. The distilling process is traditional and directly over the fire, It has double distilled ensuring greater flavor. It is kept in stainless steel tanks 2000 liters.
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  • Pazo Señoráns herb brandy (0,50 L)

    DEVELOPMENT: Traditionally produced in pot stills over direct heat with double distillation. Once distillate is kept in stainless steel 2.000 liters. type infusion mashing with dried herbs and seeds.
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  • Cream liqueur pomace: Ruada 70cl

    Cream liqueur pomace Ruada 70cl. 17% Designation: Traditional Spirits and Liqueurs Galicia Produced by: Ruada
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  • Licor de Cafe: Ruada 70cl

    Coffee Liqueur Ruada 70cl. Designation: O.D.. Traditional Spirits and Liqueurs Galicia Produced by: Ruada
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  • Marc Cream: The Val

    Val Marc cream

    Milky beige. Intense and well defined nose, with toffes, smooth liqueur flavors and some vanilla remember. In mouth intense attacks, resulta greedy, pretty sweet, vanilla reappear, It is fresh and light enough, with enough length, order and good definition. Because of its low alcohol is drunk easily and with pleasure.
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  • Coffee Liqueur: The Val

    Coffee Liqueur La Val

    Iodinated dark mahogany tones in his rim. In nose notes of good coffee, very toasty aromas, anise and some chocolate. Its entrance is unctuous, melosa, with notes of coffee and toasted. Finish is long, soft and gentle.
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  • Pomace brandy: The Val

    Brandy White Val

    Crystal brandy, clear, bright clean, with steely shades on its edge. Balsamic with touches of apple and peach on a nice herbal background. The palate entry is smooth and warm, elegant and soothing with a long and delicate.
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  • Herbal Liqueur de Galicia: The Val

    The Val herb brandy Intense lemon yellow with green flashes on its edge. Complex and fine nose, aromatic herbs, cinnamon, orange peel and aniseed touches. Very balsamic. The palate is unctuous, sweet and frank, with hints of flowers and spices, balanced sweetness that softens its long and warm finish.
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  • Aguardiente blanco Martín Códax Case

    Martin Codax white spirits produced by distillation of steam stripping. Ideal for desserts. Marc Gallego-Martin Codax Cata: FASE VISUAL: Bright and crystal, perfectly transparent with shades of silver meneses. Olfactory phase: Great aromatic intensity, which highlights its fineness. Harmonious, with persistent feelings of apple, herbs and exotic fruits. Palate: It is sweet in the mouth, burning and structured and offers retronasal with memories of albariño.
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  • Coffee Liqueur: Martin Codax

    Coffee Liqueur, Martin Codax: Martin Codax coffee liqueur made from fermentation of steam stripping and coffee from Brazil, Colombia and Africa. Marc albariño Galician. Cata: FASE VISUAL: It has an attractive chocolate brown, dark but bright hue. Olfactory phase: Great aromatic intensity, persistent aromas of freshly roasted coffee. Palate: It is pleasant in the mouth, soft, greedy, excellent balance and persistence. With free shipping
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