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  • Red wine Casa Maguila – Perhaps

    The Casa Maguila It has the habit of baptizing their wines with names boleros. This is particularly inspired by the famous song by Cuban artist Osvaldo Farrés "Perhaps, maybe, maybe". We have a wine balsamic on the nose and mouth, with aromas of ripe fruit and a balanced taste, tasty and long.
    Mechanical destemming and grape selection on vibrating belt. It encuba dry ice lowering the temperature to 6 ° C and allowed to start fermentation spontaneously. Malolactic fermentation in barrel.
    Parenting 20 months in French oak barrels, of which 80% They were new and the rest used.
    Limited production
    1.812 bottles
    White meat, red meat, traditional cuisine and Mediterranean cuisine.
  • Red wine Casa Maguila – Cachito Mío

    Cachito mío is the name of a well-known bolero, is presented to the public with a striking and bold exterior presentation, it has been conceived as a wine of bold spirit and innovative within the D. O. Toro. Faithful representative of the character of your wine cellar, it is striking for its style, that expresses all the power and fruit of the grape Tinta de Toro, at the same time that it is very pleasant to drink, with an easy and at the same time complex step of mouth. . Elaboration Selection of bunches in the vineyard and in the winery, from old vineyards. Kernels of the harvest, with total elimination of scratches and other foreign elements. Vatting and fermentation with whole grains at a controlled temperature, finishing off with your drained and pressed at low pressure. Moderate stabilization and bottling.
  • Red wine Casa Maguila – Angelitos Negros

    Angelitos Negros it is a red wine with D. O. Toro, elaborated with grape variety 100% Tinta de Toro (Tempranillo), from vineyards of between 20 and 40 years planted in sandy soils with high percentage of limestone and cultured on glass in the traditional way. The grapes to get the wine Angelitos Negros, are selected at harvest and in the cellar, by performing an exhaustive selection of the grapes, by choosing only the ones which reach their optimum point of ripeness and healthiness. The grapes for the wine Angelitos negros are encubadas and fermented in whole grains. Carbonic maceration a day and a half, pressing and barreling to perform the malolactic fermentation in concrete tanks. Later Angelitos Negros performs an aging process of 6 months in barrels of second year 50% French oak and 50% american oak.
  • Wine Peñamonte Barrel

    Peñamonte barrel 5 months Grape varieties: Tinta de Toro 100%. From vineyards with a plantation direct-shoots of "Vitis vinifera", low densities of strains, low production and great hardiness. Elaboration Elaboration: Classical vinification with the grapes are employing, fermentation and maceration very controlled looking for a traditional wine without manipulations, highlighting features in the differential, but at the same time modern and to taste current. Foster Foster: Light stay in new barrels of american oak (five months) looking to acquire fineness of color, complexity of nose and softness in the mouth.
  • Wine Peñamonte Foster

    Peñamonte Foster 2014 Box of 6 bottles Made with Tinta de Toro grape 100%. From vineyards with a plantation direct, low densities of strains, low production and great hardiness. Classical vinification with controlled fermentation with maceration long to get a good structure, highlighting your natural personality and a positive evolution over time. Foster: Foster: 8 months in barrels of american oak and 6 months resting in the bottle to mature, seeking to highlight its complexity and roundness in their taste.
  • Wine Marques de Peñamonte Foster

    Marques de Peñamonte Booking Elaboration With the grape tinta de Toro 100%. From old vines that have resisted the phylloxera, with large frames plantation, great hardiness and low production. Elaboration Classical vinification with the grapes are employing, that comes from a careful selection. Fermentation and maceration very controlled in stainless steel tanks. Foster Ageing for twelve months in French oak barrels. Maturation in the bottle by the time required to reach its fullness.
  • Wine Marques de Peñamonte Booking 2013

    Marques de Peñamonte Booking Elaboration Fermentations controlled with a long maceration in stainless steel tanks, with grape selection from old vines.. 100% Tinta de Toro. Foster Long ageing 22 months in barrels of French and american oak, getting a wine that is stabilized in a natural way, discarding any type of clarification and filtration in depth.
  • Wine Marquis of Peñamonte Private Collection

    Marquis of Peñamonte Private Collection 2014 Elaboration Wine cellar with the most advanced winemaking techniques at different stages of elaboration and control, as well as new fermentation processes ultra maceration to highlight the features more differential in the wines obtained. This wine has not been subject to filtered in-depth or estabilizaciones at low temperatures, so that in him we keep all his fullness, made with the grape tinta de Toro 100%.From old vineyards. Foster Raising of twenty months with a 200% in new barrels, the first twelve months in american oak barrels and subsequently sleep in French oak barrels. Maturation in the bottle for the time necessary to reach its fullness.