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  • Platú London Dry Gin

    In case regulated with cup gift!!! Produced by the company Pontevedra Platú Premium Spirits, but their distillation takes place in a small village north of the city of London. Use the botanical: juniper berries, coriander seeds, oris root, licorice and angelica, cinnamon, nutmeg and orange rind, cassia and lemon.

    We start with a process of double distillation of pure grain English. Macerated 10 botanical high-quality hand-selected.

    Subsequently, the third distillation. It is in this phase dondese get the main distinctive features of the LONDON DRY GIN: Elegance, Softness, Freshness and Balance in the Degree of Alcohol Optimum.

    Finally, after a process of filtering multiple we get the transparency and brilliance that makes Platu London Dry Gin, a Gin Only.

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