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  • Unto Salted galician Pork Artisan +/- 0.250.Kg

    Portions of +/- 0.250Kg of wash traditional salty Pork in Galicia, vacuum packed The unto (fat of the pig ) it is a must-have product in the galician kitchen, especially for soups and stews that gives it its flavor and aroma characteristic for this Galician dish.
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  • Mini Ham Torrez Nuñez Kg ( 2 pieces )

    2 X MINILACÓNS VACUUM-PACKED PIG BREED DUROC Part of the ham of adult swine breed Duroc salted and cured following the traditional process, a traditional galician. You do not need to be desalted before cooking. Weight: 1.0 kg x 2 Conservation: Between 0º and 7º C Expiration date: 120 days
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