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  • Álvaro Palacios Wine L’Ermita 2014 – 2015

    Álvaro Palacios L'Ermita 2014 , red wine made by Alvaro Palacios from the Priorat area (Spain) Rated with the mythical 100 Parker points in the vintage 20013, L'Ermita is one of the great oenological jewels of the Spanish scene with which Álvaro Palacios has managed to be at the top in terms of recognition..
  • Cava Brianda de Aragon Brut Nature Reserva

    Cava Brianda de Aragon Brut Nature Reserva

    Vinification After a first fermentation and bottling, a second alcoholic fermentation in the bottle, called retractions. Here, the base wine is mixed with yeast that help to consume the sugar and causes the fermentation. Then, the bottles are carried to the underground cellars to its period of ageing in contact with lees of the yeasts for a minimum of 15 months, making it a cava reserva. During that time occurs the removal, in the sediment of the yeast is transferred to the neck of the bottle. Later, it carries out the degüello, removing the sediment from the neck of the bottle with the minimum loss of sparkling wine. Finally, is made the corking the cava, by adding the liquor of expedition, a mixture of old wine, and other compounds that are allowed by the Appellation of Origin, what will compensate for the loss of liquid occurred in the disgorgement.