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  • Wine Crego and Monaguillo Mencia 2019

    The red wine Mencia Crego and Monaguillo is one of the most renowned wines of the DO Monterrei. Made Mencia, Arauxa (Tempranillo ) and Merenzao. Garnet red and violet edges, good coat and good tear. Intense and complex nose, mulberry berries, strawberry and raspberry, vegetables and spaced notes of coffee, cocoa, chocolate, mineral and slightly floral, jasmine. Engaging mouth, glycerine and velvety, average structure, sweet tannins. Sweet and easy to drink, aftertaste of fruit and spices, good persistence.
  • White Wine Godello: Crego and Monaguillo 2019

    Prepared by cold maceration Treixadura and work on godello. Straw yellow with light golden touch, clean, transparent and bright. Good tear. Intensity and quality of primary aromas, citrus lemon and orange blossom, white fruits, apple, tropical fruits, mango, pineapple and floral, pink and white flowers. Good structure and grease lightly textured, good smoothness, surround and light, Greedy, fresh and fruity. Fruity aftertaste and great persistence.
  • Crianza Red Wine: Father 1943

    The FATHER red 1943 It is an amazing wine that has been pampered from the vineyard, made from the finest strains of Mencia varieties (80%) and Arauxa (Tempranillo) (20%) with a step by French oak barrels for six months. It is expressed in fresh nose with vibrant red fruit aromas, a delicate spicy notes background, creamy and toast. The palate is tasty and ample, with a good structure of matter tonic, well integrated wood with a long, seductive finish that mainly transmits happiness. FATHER. "The deepest gratitude is one that must help us to achieve our dreams ... to be who we really are". FATHER 1943 It is a tribute to that feeling and who has taught us the way of understanding life, valuate friends, love wine ... but never forgetting our humble origins.
  • White Wine Godello: Terras do Cigarrón 1.5 L Magnum

    A major brand of wine made from selected grapes Godello (60%) Treixadura (40%) and with the greatest care and rigour in format Magnum 1.5 Liters (2 bottles of 75CL )
  • Red wine Mencia: Cross-legged

    Joyful expression of red fruits, typical of the variety lied, touch the timber spacing. Aged in French oak barrels for 5 months.
  • White Wine Godello: Cigarron the land 2016

    A major brand of wine made from selected grapes Godello (60%) Treixadura (40%) and with the utmost care and rigor.